anyone know where i can get a good 680i mobo with a 775 socket, room for 2 8800gt's through 2 pcix16 slots and a pcix8 slot for a standalone physics graphics processor, preferebly 8 sata ports but 6 will be ok i suppose, this needs to be an atx mobo
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  1. The Asus P5N32-E is the mobo I have and its really nice.


    I have yet to install another 8800gt, since im still trying to get one that works.
  2. are there any more that dont have as many problems or negative reviews because on newegg alot of people didnt like that mobo
  3. I have the same board and have had some issues with it at first but now it's a solid, stable board. I would wait for the 780/790i revisions to come out which should be out within the next week. The 780i is the same as the 680i but with support for PCI-E 2 and an extra 16x PCI-E controller for 3 16x slots. If you need something now from what I've read the Evga 680i revision A1 is good but somewhat hard to find there are several different models but the model number you want is Evga 680i 122-CK-NF68-A1.

    here's one http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=246711

    I'm sure with the 780i they will have solved the issues that plagued the 680i so you might want to wait.
  4. Please note both 6xx and 7xx series dont currently support Penryn CPU's
  5. chookman you are correct and it's still up in the air as to their compatability in the future. Originally the 680i was supposed to support all Penryn CPU's but what I've read recently suggests that the 680i will support only the Wolfdale Dual-Core and the 780i/790i will support that as well as the Yorkfield Quad. I would suggest holding off purchase until it is certain which chips will be supported by which chipsets.
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