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Hey guys

Ive been using computers for year's now. and one thing i can never do is pick that "perfect" security suite for me. for a while i was using comodo, and that program is an absolute beast and for 4 bucks, well yeah worth the money

But i cant deny that it was a total pain in the backside to configure, considering i play alot free to play online games, comodo didnt like 90% of them and i was always spending 5-10 minutes finding the folders, adding them to exceptions, then adding them again to the firewall and allowed files list

It definatly had issues with detecting false positives

At the moment i am using kaspersky. which is good but i dont have much time left in my subscription and from the reviews ( not experience ) kaspersky has a bad habbit of poor detection rates

The suites im looking at are avast, norton, and bitdefender

Here are my needs

P.S i know it usually comes down to personal preference and its a situation were there is no "perfect" or best product. but i also know there are usually a phew non heard of or non commercial protection suites out there that might suit specific needs of the user

tbh i didnt know comodo exsisted for 3-4 years since its release till i heard about it from a friend at work

- im a gamer. and as most gamer's know, some gamers take things way to far and i have been on the recieving end of ddos attacks and attempts to send "funny" viruses from trolls

So a high grade firewall is a must

- again im a gamer. so performance is everything. 90% of suites ive tried have an issue with resource hogging, especially norton over the years. so i need a very low performance usage suite

- Interface. i dont have time to spend everyday adding folders to multiple exception lists. a simple interface and simplisticity to add my programs to exceptions is a must. so a simple interface is prefered

So any help would be appreciated
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  1. How about the "Microsoft Security Essentials" ? It runs quietly without hurting PC performance and free too.
  2. unfortantly i have tried MSE. its lightweight i will give it that, but the windows firewall is quite poor to be honest and i had multiple issues with malware/spyware

    and yea i realise you dont run it alone, i was doing often checks with malware bytes which frankly saved me from alot of trouble

    But MSE has a poor detection rate
  3. Yep, MSE definetly has a very poor detection rate. I use Trend Micro and that works fine for me. I don't tend to see any performance issues when it's running and it is easily configurable.
  4. I really like running malware bytes in combination with hit man pro. Malware bytes is my favorite and ha helped me though almost every isuue I've had. Then I use hit man pro if I think there's something that mbam missed. Hit man pro is a 6in 1 scanner based av that can be used to remove threats. Note that hit man pro doesn't offer real time protection
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