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I'm a screenwriter trying to convert orignal script pagination from Works Word Processor to to Microsoft Office Word 2007. If I download Microsoft Works6-9 File Converter will this keep the same pagination? In the past when trying to do it manually the pagination doesn't match up.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It won't matter which so long as you save a copy of the original as a Works document under a different name. If you wreck the pagination of the original, you have the answer with no harm done.

    As to the substance of your question, I believe the pagination would remain the same if transferred to an earlier version of Word first, so long as the page setup is the same as the original Works document. If the margins all match and the font remains the same, all the same lines will turn up on the same pages. After that, you could transfer to 2007 after making sure the same page setup is in place in there as well.

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