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I have an Advent 7016 laptop and have just had a new 160gb HD installed. When I got this back every now and again it reboots for no apparent reason and displays a blue screen message BAD POOL CALLER.

I have checked all the device drivers and there does not appear to be any conflicts.

I was previously running XP Home sp1 as I could not download sp2 without encountering loading problems.

Now the repair shop has loaded XPHome with SP3.

Any advise please


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  1. Hi Bob,

    I just finished reading your post over on adventsupport as well. This reminds me of a couple of IBM Thinkpads whose motherboards would not support SP2 either. We could not upgrade past SP1. The recovery disc that you mentioned over on the other forum. If you still have it, you could do a fresh install and rollback your computer to SP1 to see if the problems go away. You will want to back up all your data to a safe external storage media first, because using the REcovery Disc will delete everything that is already on the drive.

    To use your recovery disc, you should simply have to insert it into your cd/dvd drive and startup your computer and press any key when you get the message "Press any key to boot from CD". If you do not get this message and can not boot from the CD, then watch your screen during startup for a message like "Press F12 for Boot Menu". If you don't see this, then you can access your system BIOS during startup using usually the 'Del' key or the 'F2' key (again it should say on your screen what key to use) and setup your computer to boot from the CD drive first. This should be found under Boot Option of the BIOS Menu. Save your changes and reboot. Once your recovery disc starts up, just follow the prompts and if you have any questions during the process, just post back here.

    Final thought: If you decide to try the above procedure, remember to back up any data that you want to save. If you are not sure where to locate the data, post back here asking where to find that particular data. Any programs that you have installed will need to be reinstalled after the recovery process as well.

  2. Thanks digitalprospec,

    I thought about doing a roll back to SPI with the original recovery disk but I am not sure if I will be able to reload SP3 that has been put on by the repair shop.

    I assume if I do roll back I can download from Mircrosoft SP3. However if I could not load SP2 when I was on SP1 will I not have a problem with SP3.

    Also the BSOD message that said BAD POOL CALLER seems to have gone and been replaced with PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA.

    I have been on a few forums but no one seems to have a fix for this. Some say its memory some say its faulty component or reload windows but even reloading does not sort the problem for many.

    I think my 7016 is about 10 years old so guess I have been lucky. I am wondering if it could be a driver problem. I Have also done CHKDSK and all is OK with HD.


  3. You can certainly check to see if there are newer drivers available. I can find very little about the 7016, but your unit is old enough to be in that changeover era from 98/ME to XP and some motherboards were having trouble with XP SP2 and SP3.

    If you still have your original recovery disc, I would reload from that and see how your computer functions then. Especially knowing that you had trouble trying to update to even SP2 in the past. The tech shop would have used an XP SP3 disc during the install simply to speed up the time they would have had to take to apply windows updates. At ten years old, I am also pleasantly surprised that it recognizes the newer larger capacity hard disk drives as well.
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