best place online for RAM..Kinggston/ micron/ Corsair??

Hey guys. I finally got my board. My processor and video card. Now I need ram. But Geez finding it online is not easy. I tried E-bay.. not such good luck with what I want. Looking for a place online that sells Kingston / Corsair/ Micron.. looking for 800 MHZ DDR2 but certain model #s.. any ideas on good Ram places online?/ I keep getting directed to some place called. Err.. but never heard of them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. Which country mate? In the US Newegg is probably the best....
  2. Newegg has crucial pc6400 2 gig kit for $75 plus a $25 rebate. Fry's electronics (stores only) has corsair twinx pc6400 memory, 2 gigs, for only $30 after rebate.
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