Thanks so much for fast and successful replies to my Gateway recovery problem.
Now I have similar problem with HP laptop dv6-1230us. But it is Windows 7 and I don't see a forum for that.
The recovery portion is missing or corrupt. If I use the recovery disks I made when I bought the computer they don't do anything; the computer just boots to Windows.
I wonder if I caused the problem by choosing the user name "HP". That might have been the manufacturer's folder where the recovery files were kept. And my folder over wrote them???
Anyway, how do I get my disks to work or maybe there is a hidden recovery portion, although it does not show up in any search.
There is nothing wrong with the computer but I want to know that in the future I would be able to reformat and recover. Otherwise the computer is disposable, one time use. HP wants $30 for disks but I already made them and they don't work.
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  1. Hi. Have you changed the boot order in the bios to boot from CD first?
  2. mibix19 said:
    Hi. Have you changed the boot order in the bios to boot from CD first?

    yes but I don't have recovery disks so it doesnt work
  3. Hi. You can create a windows7 repair disc, if you go to Control Panel -- Backup and Restore. Can you make another set of recovery discs(look in start /programs/ Hp(or similar folder)? You shouldnt have overwritten the recover folder as it is protected.
  4. I thought the same thing. But when I went there the computer says it can find nothing anywhere that contains an image. And I can't see anything either, shaded out as a system file, that shows anything containing an image or backup or recovery etc. Guess I'll have to pay HP $ 30 for their disks.
  5. Not sure I understand the first sentence. Have a look at this link
  6. I did that and it made the disc and when it tries to use it for recovery it says it cannot find any information about my hardware anywhere. It has boot files, .wim files, not executable files. About 375 mb total.
    HP says my image is corrupted so I am just creating a corrupted disc. Hardly used computer...already corrupted? Never even downloaded anything or went online.
  7. Do you know anyone who could lend you or make you a disc?
  8. you mean a valid recovery disk? no. it is for this model
  9. No a system repair disc which you can make on any windows7 PC. I am assuming Dell have told you that it is this disc you are making that is getting corrupted
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