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We have bought my daughter a karakoe machine for Christmas. She likes singing to pop songs but we are having trouble getting CDG albums of up to date pop songs without at least one track on the album having explicit lyrics.

What I would like to be able to do is to take the bought CDG album, rip it and re-burn it minus the tracks that have explicit content. I believe that I am legally OK to do this as I will not be sharing the material with any third parties and I will have bought and own the original CDG disks so I am essentially doing a partial backup..

I haven't had any luck finding any open source or free software that will let me do this yet so was wondering of any of you good people had any suggestions or reccomendations

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  1. there may be legalities behind this but there is a software that can do this, the issue is your burner, there are only certain burners that support cd+g copying, only one model of dvd burner can do it and there was like 4 models of cd writers that can do it, so as in not to get into legal issue, you should see even if your drive can even do it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My DVD burner almost certainly can't do it then so I'll give up.
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