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Hi Guys,

I was looking at upgrading my computer. I was wondering for the boot drive what would be better for gaming, and how much better would it be.

I was either looking at the 300 gig velociraptor or a 1 tb western digital drive. I know the velociraptor has 10k rpms but the 1 tb drive has a 32 meg buffer and I don’t know if that makes a difference at all.

My other question, which ever Hard drive I get. is it better to leave it as a full 300 gig partition or should I put the operation system on a 50 or 100 gig partition and use the other 250 / 200 gigs to install all my games and apps? Do you get any speed increases or stability increase from using a smaller partition for the operating system? I just liked the idea because it makes formatting it a whole lot easier if all my files are on a separate partition.

any insight would be appreciated.
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  1. If it were me, I'd pick up the WD 2-platter 640gigs as an OS drive. The B3 in the part # means 2 platters. Faster than most drives. Good price. Put 2 in RAID 0 & watch them fly. However, newegg like most e-stores can't tell you the exact part # until you bought it.


    Just partition the whole drive as one & format it. Buy a 1TB for storage.
  2. I read somewhere that if you put your OS on a smaller partition that you reduce seek times because it only looks though a small section of the hard drive. does it really make a diffrence, and wouldnt it just slwo down again when it refrences windows files on the small 50 gig partition then game files off the 250 gig partition?
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