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I recently bought two 750gb Samsung Spinpoint hard drives which I have installed into my Dell PowerEdge SC440 server. The drives are mirrored using software raid. I am running Debian Etch.

I've noticed that when I shut down the computer, there is a single click from each drive. It is quite noticeable above the normal operating noise and the noise from the case fans etc. I haven't experienced any problems with them otherwise.

Given that I get this from both drives, I think I'd be very unlucky if they were both faulty.

However, I was wondering whether there might be any BIOS settings or Debian/RAID configuration that might be the problem?

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  1. I'm not sure, but I have the same clicking noise with my 250gb WDs in RAID. Was wondering the same thing, anyone have any info? I hope they're not going bad :(
  2. Perhaps it is the sound that's made when the read/write heads are parked?
  3. Yes, it is the drive heads retracting into their parked position. No worries.
  4. Cool, thanks for reassuring me that it's normal :-)
  5. though that sound is very worrying, it is indeed healthy. it is controlled by software, eg windows xp doesn't click the hdd during shutdown, vista does.

    there is also a downside of this: it takes more time to shutdown, and fire up the hdd at the next boot.
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