What to do to remove the Error 8007045a

what to do to remove the Error 8007045a
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  1. Got any more details? That's not much to go on.
  2. Hey aford10 i have the same issue in a xp sp3 hp dv6000 laptop.

    accidently uninstalled the webcam and after reinstalling the hp integrated module driver (suggested by some forums) and reinstalling the hp 1.3mp webcam driver this error pops up when trying to open the camera through the hp software. it also doent work with skype and such.

    Thanks for your time and any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi,
    I also had the same issue. I tried to unistall the AMCAP from(In Windows 7: Start programs-->AMCAP-->unistall) multiple time and restarted the System. But still getting error 8007045a this error. Googling it i found this is due to Google clientAdapter 0 some ***.
    So This time i did 2 thing.
    1. Unistalled the google chat from the Control Panel-->Unistall-->Google Chat
    2. Unistalled The Webcam Drivers(From Control panel and not by 'Start programs-->AMCAP-->unistall' ) i installed.-->Restart the PC-->install the Webcam Drivers

    By doing this i am not getting the annoying Google Adapter 0 or 1 in Devices and also able to use webcam.

    Note: I got the solutio by random way of trouleshooting and little bit googling.
    Just reply if it solves ur problem
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