Video encoder software with GPU acceleration? (for making small mkv)


I want to convert some episodes which are stored on my HDD, 1.5 GB each in 1080p quality (46 min), i have tried many software, some of them are MeGUI, StaxRip, Ripbot,

all are good except one thing that i have slow CPU core i 3 530 @2.93 for this kind of work, so i was thinking if its possible to make use of my GPU which is HD5830 1 gb

gddr5, i have used xilisoft's video converter ultimate trial version and i must say i am impressed by the conversion speed, i tried to encode 6 min video to mkv lossless with

preset HD 1080p settings and the results were without gpu acceleration it took 4:46 min and with gpu acceleration it only took 2:05 min and i think its a huge improvement

but the file size was very large (186 mb) off-course i used mkv lossless profile, but it saved half of my time if i do with gpu acceleration option on.

But the thing is that i am unable to make small mkv without sacrifice in quality with xilisoft's video converter ultimate, only software like MeGUI, StaxRip, Ripbot are capable

of doing such job so but they uses CPU power only. I just wanted to ask if i can make small mkv with support of gpu acceleration? I am recently encoding Anime which are

300 mb in size to 70-80 mb with help of MeGUI, StaxRip, Ripbot with video bitrate 400-600 but it takes a lot of time due to my CPU. So my main question is are there any

software available similar to MeGUI, StaxRip, Ripbot which supports gpu acceleration? I don't know much about encoding and stuff its just i followed tutorial for encoding.

Thank you
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  1. The higher quality you want, the higher file size you will get. If you decrease your resolution or bitrate, your file size will be less. Try using MediaCoder, Handbrake, vidCoder or Freemake Video Converter
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