X2 5200+ Brisbane Versus X2 5200+ Windsor Core

On newegg they are offering the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Windsor and the X2 5200+ Brisbane for the same price. The pros of the brisbane is its .1Ghz faster (doesnt matter too much cause different cores). its 65w and its 65nm, so itll run cooler. But the Brisbane has 2x 512kb compared to windsors 2x 1mb. Also on newegg the Windsor has 500+ reviews rated very high, the Brisbane one has absolutely no reviews on it. Help me please!

Oh, and also I need a good AM2 motherboard. I want to overclock, but the board needs to be below $100, preferably in the $80-$70 range. I was lookin at this on: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130071 Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'd go with this mobo, newer chipset, the 570

    If you're going to overclock, should consider the X2 5000+ Black Ediiton, it's supposed to be really good to overclock.
  3. AMD Athlon 64 X2 "Brisbane" "
    5000+ 2.6GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core
    5000+ 2.6GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core
    4800+ 2.5GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 "Windsor
    4800+ 2.4GHz w/ 1MB L2 cache-per-core
    4400+ 2.3GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core
    4400+ 2.2GHz w/ 1MB L2 cache-per-core
    4000+ 2.1GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core 4000+ 2.0GHz w/ 1MB L2 cache-per-core

    ok now the windsor uses steppings f2 and f3...??on which stepping you go for there?? i leave to you... f steppings as far as i know dont overclock that far..as i have a x2 6000+ at 3.13ghz on an m55 s3 gigabyte mobo but mine is a 13x multiplier same as the brisbane...ok the 5200+on the windsor power is 89w(tdp) but the brisbane is 65w(tdp) ok now to get mental brisbane has only 512kibibytes of L2 cache were as windsor has 1024kb or 2x1mb depends on what you go for?????so windsor has double the cache L2 tho...ok brisbane die size is 126mm2 which makes the transistors move to 65mn which consumes less power..gives off less heat(tdp!)...and generally your case will be cooler...depending again on what hardware u have??also with this it should overclock a little better but not much...as for the brisbane the stepping is G1...or G2 now G2 is the better stepping as with the 5000+blk edition you can crank the multiplier way up mines at 3.13ghz on and am2 zalman am flower 9500 but with the black you can get crazzzzzyyyyy at 3.20ghz!!! so my cpu gets spanked! 13x multiplier compaired to 16.5x with 1.45v in the core on 65nm you can see the difference in the efficiency of the core...i would go for the black edition for overclocking but if no overclocking is done you would find not much difference with the two cores except of the cache data+instructions per core can do...the brisbane would be more efficient...so again a cooler case etc etc etc....hope you make a good choice i went for the windsor purley cause of how much data instructions at full speed the both cores can do i.e games...etc but if overclocking is a must look at the black edition 5000+ right for the board the nf57 or nf59 would be a great board gigabyte is a great board find them to be great value for money as i have the nf55 but be carefull as mine got 5 star reviews there was a snagg the southbridge heatsink gets very hot so ive got to modify it soon so look at the chipsets for how effient and overclockable they are? nf57 would be a great board as above...are you going for sli? the mcp57 is a gd choice...sorry if its to long as i can only talk in one language...and thats technical can go deeper but im just bought to play timeshift...lol hope its all ok.
  4. The Windsor will perform a little better at stock speeds. The brisbane has more overclocking potential.
  5. but mine is a 13x mutiplier...sorry its a 15x multiplier..woops...lol
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