So much for all the ATI availability...

This is starting to get annoying, no Gt's no 3870's :pfff:
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  1. mcidfta200 said:
    This is starting to get annoying, no Gt's no 3870's :pfff:

    I was lucky enough to get a 3870 in stock when Newegg got it in. I haven't received it yet though. But have watched their stock and agree with you. Obviously their big inventory at release was not true. Unless they shipped most on that date and it takes that long to get to stores.
  2. ...or unless Dell got most of 'em. :P
  3. I know exactly how you feel. The ONLY reason I was going to get the 3870 was because the price of the 8800gt was so high, and there newegg had them for $220! until they sold out and haven't gotten any in stock since. Even the 8800gt is in stock occasionally, though not for long. the 3970 is out and has been since the day after launch. Lots of other etailers still say that the product is available for PREORDER! Way to drop the ball on a great card ATI. I love ATI cards, though this time the 8800gt wins in performance. None of that matters, though, since there is NO STOCK OF EITHER.
  4. Asus and XFX OC 8800GTs on NewEgg as of this post.
  5. Also ClubIT has the XFX and Evga 8800GT including the KO and superclock.
    Mwave has the Evga 8800GT super clock.

    Amazon has the PNY 8800GT for $250

  6. And for everyone who has a 19" LCD or is just a light gamer - -
    don't forget the 256MB version of the 8800GT is due out shortly.

    *!!* Took a while but I found a 3870 in stock for $290!!!
    I almost didnt want to post that because of the outrageous price.
  7. WR2 said:

    Well, they don't actually have it... It's for pre-order which is same thing as Unavailable.

    And yeah, you can find them for 2wice what they are suppose to cost, but F that... How many people can afford that..
  8. Oh well... theya re both hella popular cards.
  9. Yeah, I orderd my 2xHD3870s on the 15th, nothing yet.

    I also saw another site selling the HD3870s for $289.99.

    Both the 8800gt and the hd3870 are in large demand I see.
  10. mcidfta200 said:
    Well, they don't actually have it... It's for pre-order which is same thing as Unavailable.
    Pre-orders look like this:

    In stock and ready to order look like this:

    If you want to save an extra $30 and happen to need a credit card you're in luck today. With free shipping too.
  11. DrMaV said:
    If NewEgg sees that they'll raise the price of the 3850 from $180
  12. WR2 said:
    Pre-orders look like this:

    In stock and ready to order look like this:

    And... If you would just take a second to open up your picture and get a good look, you would notice the sentence:

    "Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available.".

    Did you miss that?
  13. Seikent said:

    Wow, it's a surprise to see one at 250$, but as I see that it's a VisionTek...

    I don't know if you've heard anything about them, but I had a terrible terrible experience with their customer support for a card that went bad after a few months... So I will never in my life buy from them again.
  14. i just unpacked my HIS 3870 box (the egg, $219) from the shipping carton. (unfortunately since egg wouldn't guarantee stepping, I won't have a MB or processor till friday *growl*). it is sure big enough - looks like something from ca. 1989.
    but - sexy, tho. long & thick, just like i like 'em. who needs pr0n when u gotta sexy new number all dressed in red, just lying there, waiting to be used.
    (don't walk in without knocking, i'll be ... uh... lapping my heatsink)...
  15. Anybody paying $300 plus for a 3870 is getting nominated for fanboy of the year. The only thing the 3870 has going for it is VALUE and at $300+ the GT destroys the 3870.

    BTW NewEgg currently has 3 GTs in stock, an Asus, an Evga and a XFX. The Asus is not a good deal cause it is slower and does not come with a game. Both the XFX and the Evga are factory OCed and come with a free game, making them a better value.
  16. First shipment reached Lithuania tonight and was sold out, next will arrive in a week. If AMD indeed is shipping 400-500.000 now and selling out like that, they are probably making decent money first time this year.
  17. Right when ATI could have gained some money they pulled what Nvidia did. By not having stock of their cards. They will probably be in stock when the 8800GT is. And people will decide to go with the better 8800GT.
  18. They are in stock at newegg but only sapphire has them in stock most of the time.
    This 3870 is out of stock right now and was instock this morning. but i bet it will be in a little bit since
    sapphire always has the 3850 in stock they seem to have more shipments.
    Watch that link and when its in stock, there should be some.
  19. It says ETA for the 3870 is the 26th...Grrrr.

    Well that's why I always say wait for a month or two before buying.
  20. mcidfta200 said:
    This is starting to get annoying, no Gt's no 3870's :pfff:

    Many people having money to buy the item, but no item :heink: .....Hmmmm...That's it! USA is becoming a communist country! :lol:
  21. I got on the instant notify list at newegg and was able to purchase a 3870 when they DID NOT show up on the regular newegg site search as being available ! So if you want either of the 2 ATI 3870 or the 3850 .... I recommend the 3870 .. alot more bang for the small buck .... put your email on the instant notify and you'll get priority of buying before the genaeral search/purchase scenerio ! I even called and they confirmed mine is on it's way .... and yes I did get priority purchase . The only cute part was the price of the 8800 gt oc -- $ 280.00 shipped .... and the g92 still not available and all of the 8800 g92's received here by a couple of my buddies are already having heating problems because of the lousey weak - slow fan cooling system ! Just what everybody wants .... another hot running ...lockup video card .... why Nvidia skimped on the cooling system I don't know ? Quite a price jump from the 3870 also and no Directx 10.1 ! I received a notification in 1 day .
  22. I told you guys to watch the Sapphire 3870 because they come in stock very quickly and leave very quickly.
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