Inbox Subfolder & ALL emails in it have disappeared!

I have spent hours now looking for my missing Outlook 2007 Inbox Subfolder and it's contents. There were a couple of hundred emails in it. Where could they be? OS is Windows 7.
I have checked the Views, they are all set correctly.
How do I get the folder back and why has it vanished?
I use a POP3 not an exchange server. Could it be that I opened the Outlook on my old laptop to look at an old email and then went back to my new laptop? It was at this point that the folder disappeared.
Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Search the drive for .pst files. Bet one of them is what you're looking for. Open them via "File>Open>Outlook Data File"
  2. Thank you bubblehead, please could you expand on this advice as I tried it and could only see the 'Outlook Today' pane and no details of any files or folders?
  3. Search the drive for all files with the .pst extender, then open them one by one.

    Hint: you don't search a drive using Outlook
  4. I tried both ways, when I searched through Explorer I located the .pst files but I couldn't open it/them any further. I received a message asking which application I wanted to use to open it with?
  5. In Outlook: 'File>Open>Outlook Datafile' then navigate to the file, select it, click open.
  6. I am sorry, maybe I am being obtuse but on doing this as I said above I just get the 'Outlook Today' pane with Calendar, To Do List and Messages summary. No list of files to select and open?
  7. You don't have a menu bar? Never seen that before with '07
  8. Yes, what do I look for on the Menu Bar?
  9. In Outlook: On the menu bar: 'File -> Open -> Outlook Datafile' then navigate to the file, select it, click open.
  10. I had exact problem and read a forum answer to go reset the outlook navigation pane. They said to go to Start => Search Programs and Files input area in Windows 7, and type in outlook.exe/resetnavpane BUT this didn't work for me. However when I just typed in outlook.exe, it found an outlook file in the search window and I clicked on that. Once I clicked on that, my subfolders appeared again!! Wheh!
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