Lan Problem on new M2N-SLI Delux Mobo

This is my first computer, and computer building experience. I got everything to work, until I realized that lan ports don't work for some reason. I installed Win XP Pro, and it is SP1 right now, but I can't get my ethernet ports to work.
Here is what I did so far:

I have installed the drivers that came with my mobo. it is called the NVIDIA Chipset Driver Program. It said it included ethernet drivers. I got those things to installed, but it says my ethernet is unplugged. I wonder if it is a problem that I already plugged my ethernet cord into the ethernet port when I installed the driver. I saw the light turn orange for a little bit after installing the drivers, but when I restarted my computer it says network cable is unplugged. Any solutions?
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  1. Check your BIOS settings.Perhaps your ethernet adapter is disabled by default.
  2. also try another cat5 cable.
  3. Uninstall ActiveArmor. If you don't know what it is, you probably clicked yes to everything the nvidia driver asked.

    It may also be your network: i.e. misconfiguration, etc.
  4. Why would active armor affect my lan connection, I mean I get it if firewall can cause my internet to display connected, and not get a connection, but it displays cable unplugged... and thats why i am just really confused.

    Also I checked bios and everything should be set


    I just removed something called ForceShield nVidia internet security something... Didn't solve the problem. In the bios just make sure Lan 1 and Lan 2 are enabled right? The strangest part is that I got the light for a little bit before going off completely.

    Also My Cat5 works, because I can plug it into my laptop and everything is chill.
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