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Hello, i know this thread says homebuilt computers but i really need help. These are the spec of my computer.

Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3P(Pro)
Processor: Intel - E6750
Graphics: 640M 8800GTS Gigabyte
RAM: 2G Kit(2x1G) OCZ System Elite 800
Hard Drive: WD Sata 500G
Optical Drive 1: Pioneer SATA 18x 212D
Case: P182SE
Power Supply: Antec T.P.3 Trio 650W
Keyboard: Logitech Internet 350
Mouse: Logitech G5
Speakers: Logitech X 540 5.1

A few weeks after picking it up from a shop, i started to hear this strange sound coming from the case while playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, so i googled high pitch sound and from what i read it was my GFX. So i took it back to the show loaded up Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas to try and recreate the sound but it did not happen. Sometimes the sound does not come, some times it comes on after 5mins of playing the game. I started to get back into Battlefield 2, first week of playing it that sound was not to be heard but now it started to make the sound again. I have done my best to record this sound, , The only way to stop the sound is to turn off the game im playing, i only have 3 games and the sound happens playing all 3 games. So if someone here could help me out, i would be very grateful. Thank you for your time.
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  1. Could be it's the sign that your GPU card is overheated or there's something wrong with the card.

    Check the GPU card fan, is it turning ? check with GPU hardware monitoring program such RivaTuner for temperature. Check your 12v voltage, is it in good value ?
  2. Perhaps your gfx card is not getting enough power when under more stress (like playing a game).The power cable for the gfx card connected?
  3. I dont understand what all that means.
  4. Which one you didn't understand ?
  5. A small brown potato lost its life when it walked to the market district and died :(.
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