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My comp just overheated while messing around with CoD4. I think it has to do with where I keep my tower, I have a CM Stacker and i just put in the cubby hole in my computer desk. It just fits in there too. Will more fans help this or is it gonna be a heat issue no matter what b/c of where the tower is? I only have the 2 fans that came with my tower installed. I have room for 5 more. 4 on side and 1 on top. Anyone else store their comps and have no problems?
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  1. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Add the 4 fans on the side, it helps tons. My temps went down 5C.
  3. I want to but not sure how much good it will do with where I keep my case. Does anyone else have their tower in a computer desk cubby hole? There is maybe an inch on each side of the case if that.
  4. Well, much will depend, actually, on where your intake fans are (if any) and where your exhaust fans are located. By the way it sounds, the majority of your case is housed in a very tight enviroment (sides, top, bottom and rear) and what little space is around those sections is probably encased in hot exhaust air from your rig. Even if you have cool air coming in the front, what you are lacking is a secondary source of cool air (preferrably the side). In a cubby hole, even if you have side intake fans, what air will they be able to draw from? Probably the air that is flowing insied the cubby hole that is, largely, heated air created from the exhaust fans. (In this, I am just assuming that only the front of the computer is exposed).

    If possible, in that cubby hole, could you cut away holes (for the exhaust and intake fans) so that they have access to cooler enviroment air? Ideally, if you could have air drawn in from the front and sides, and exhausted from the rear and top, you would have a much more efficient airflow stream and would see system temp drops more inclined to what you had hoped for.
  5. Thx for all the input. The front of the case is wide open. The back has holes for the wires to come through to hook up to the comp. Cutting a hole on the side of the housing could be an option. The only fan blowing air in is the fan in front of my hard drive. The side fans would help blow cooler air in I would think. I have the superclocked 8800gt. I hear that just runs hot anyway. I was thinking maybe I could put a cooler on that. I figured the case fans might of helped cool it down tho.
  6. I think that it is important that you provide the intake fans (I am speaking, primarily, of the side fans here) a more wide-open source for them to draw cooler air in. Cutting holes of some form to allow for this would greatly aid in cooling your rig down. Also, if you could cut holes for the heat exhaust fans that would ensure that the heated air would nto be trapped inside the cubby hole.
  7. Most computers within a computer desk will run and outer temperature of 90 ~ 105 F. (this is with good venting). Try for a fan control system for your computer desk. they must be redesigning the site, but that's where i purchased mine. I run a quad processor board and after installing the cooler system, i've had no overheating problems.
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