Hard drive format hung or nomal?

I am formatting 320GB 7600RPM Western Digital and it has been at 1% for over 50 minutes. Is this normal, will it jump up quickly soon or will take 1 hour for each percent? If this isnt supposed to happen and its hung then how can I stop it to restart it without causing any problems. The drive is brand new like everything else in the PC.
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  1. No it should advance much faster.
    Reboot, delete the partition and try again.
    If there was a foreign partition, use the manufacturer's partitioning tools to delete the partition.
    Run manufacturer hard drive diagnostics on that drive if you still have problems.
  2. did you format the drive the slow way? or quick format? If it is quick format, it shouldn't take this long.
  3. It was the slow was but 1 hour for 1% is a bit too much
  4. Fixed it by restarting and then running a quick format.
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