Snapped micro SD card - data recovery possible?

I managed to accidentally snap the micro SD card in my girlfriend's camera the other day (let's just skip the "how" :pfff: ). She took a lot of pictures with her camera phone but never backed them up to her computer. The break is about 3/4 of the way down the card. It may be too much to ask but is there any way to pull all of the data from the remaining section (bad sectors and all) and try to recover some of the photos? Does anyone have a favorite freeware/shareware program for data recovery of this type?
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  1. Sorry to say but there is no way for you to get that data back. If anything could pull of that kind of data recovery it would not be available to us. Definitely not a freeware program.
  2. so u were able to re-attach it? or u were able to connect the unbroken side to the pc?

    this seems one of the very difficult jobs. and certainly a recovery wont be made using software, but u'll need some BIG ASS company to do some REAL recovery. (cost thousands, lol)
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