Video Card Lineup

Let's just get this sorted out, to anwser my question and a hundred others.

2900 xt
8800GTS 640
8800GTS 320

Is this the correct Lineup?
There may be trouble getting your hands onto a 8800gt do to aviablity issues at least at the recommended price of $250. The 8800gtx is not significently better than the 8800gt but the 8800gt has about a 15% performance boost over the $220 ATi3870.
Can you guys check to make sure this is right?
I fi can get the Percentage gains of each card it might help.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. 8800GTX difference IS siginificant when it comes to very high resolutions like 1920x1200 or higher and also in some games which need more than 512MB to run @ ultra settings , but yeah 8800GT is a solid card and performs very well

    u cant say a 2900xt is better than 3870 , because in some games 2900xt wins and in some games 3870

    also u can say a 2900xt is better than a 8800gts 640/320 because again in some games 8800gts wins and in some games 2900xt

    so it will be like this :
    2900xt,3870,8800GTS 640
    8800GTS 320
    (in %90 of games in resolutions lower than 1600x1200 a 8800GTS 320 performs equally to a 8800GTS 640)
  2. Looks gospel to me.
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