E6750 at 3.6GHz (stock fan)

Anyone see problemas or have comments for this OC:

P35-DS3L mobo
E6750 (Rev. G0) @ 3.60GHz (450x8)
Vcore = 1.36875
+0.1V FSB overvoltage control
Idle T = 42
Load T = 66
Stock Intel Fan
1:1 FSB: DRAM (so...my Corsair DDR2-800 is oc'd to 900MHz and I've set it to CL5)

Seems to be stable...9hrs of Prime95 Blend and counting!

This is probably me limit, eh? What with the load Temp getting a toasty 66, prob don't wanna try for 4.0 on this fan?

Anyone actually get 4.0 on their 6750? What voltage did you use?
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  1. Yeah, you probably shouldn't try 4GHz on stock cooling.

    I don't see any problems, just heat, which is right at the limit.
  2. You need to run Small FFTs to find your max temperature. They will heat the cores and the cache to max. Blend passes most of it's data on to RAM (hence "blend" RAM and CPU test). Small FFT will move data in and out of the cache VERY quickly and generate a lot of heat. I have my 6750 at 3.6 as well, but with a TRUE 120 in an Antec 900 with uninhibited air flow and I hit 67c hottest core with less vcore.

    Did you calibrate your temperature monitoring yet? If you haven't, I wouldn't trust those temperatures. You might be fairly accurate, but try the Small FFT for about 12 hours. If it doesn't error, then you've got one nice stock cooler :p

    ALSO Important *** Enable Round-off checking under the Advanced menu.***

    Also!! Which temperature exactly is hitting 66c? Core or Tcase?
  3. Aye...well ran small FFTs and me cores got up to 69...touch hot i'd say. But i idle around a pleasant 36. I wonder what temp is reached under intense gaming? In other words how does gaming compare to a small fft torture test?

    I just use CoreTemp and read the Core#0 and Core#1 values. I'm sure it's not spot on, but the temps seem reasonable and I haven't torched it yet ;)
    I always see exactly a 15 deg lower number in SpeedFan and that seems to be what other folks are getting. I believe the higher CoreTemp numbers anyway (and they agree with HWMonitor).
  4. The temps you reach in small FFTs will never be reached when playing games. I hit 68C on my Q6600, but during normal use and gaming, it has never hit above 55C.
  5. just the thread to ask my question!!!!

    I'm a newbie and this is my first desktop (had a dell laptop before.) I got the E6750 cause i read all these reviews about getting to 3.3GHz with no problems at all. mobo is a Gigabyte P35-DS3L and i have G-skill DDR2-800. My issue is that i can't OC over 3.0GHz. completely frustrating. I can boot up at 3.3 but prime 95 fails immediately. I went through the newbie's OC-ing guide multiple times and i have all the power-saving settings off. My multiplyer is 8x413 with a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio so the ram is at 826MHz. and i have my core voltage at the "normal" 1.35. I've tried increasing the DDR2 voltage +0.1 to 1.9v and that didn't help. (g-skill specs are 1.8-1.9). I have also tried all 3 performance enhance settings (standard, turbo, and extreme) all without any luck. My RAM timings are stock/loose at 5-5-5-15. worst of all is that if i set my core voltage to "Auto", CPU-Z reads it as 1.408!! adjusting back to what BIOS would say (assuming its linear and using the "normal" vcore at 2.66 (1.312 in CPU-Z and 1.35 in BIOS) it translates to a 1.4488V! Its completely disheartening that some people are running 3.5GHz on LESS than normal core voltage and i can't get mine past 3.0GHz without a huge bump! Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction as to what is going on? Again its an Intel E6750(2.66GHz, VID=1.35) in a Gigabyte P35-DS3L (BIOS version F7) along with 2x 2GB G-Skill DDR2-800. PSU is a OCZ Game Xstream 700W and an EVGA 8800GTS(320MB). Also i'm running XP Pro (32-Bit) with SP2. ( I had XP Pro x64 and it wasn't OC-ing right so I though maybe it had something to do with windows... guess not.)

    I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you so much in advance!!!!

  6. Try this...
    Performance = standard (when oc'ing, always use standard)
    EIST = disable
    PCI Freq = 100 MHz (auto is prolly safe, but might as well force it to 100)
    Vcore IN BIOS = 1.2875 (not sure what you were on about with all this "translating to 1.4488", just manually set it to 1.2875 in BIOS)
    Bus Speed x multi. = 425 x 8
    Make sure you stay fsb:dram = 1:1
    DRAM overvoltage = +0.1

    This should get you to 3.4 GHz. If not stable, bump Vcore a smidge at a time until stable.

    good luck
  7. thanks for the idea symes7.

    i tried that, and i couldn't even get past the BIOS screen. i upped to voltage to 1.45, and Prime 95 would still fail immediately.
  8. I'm starting to think it's your RAM Mike. Try running your RAM ~700MHz instead of over 800.
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