E2160@ 3.0ghz temperatures

After reading the sticky about temps I assumed that Speedfan and CoreTemp were reading the correct temperatures. However I downloaded the new version of HWMonitor(1.08) today and it reads the core temps 15c higher than Speedfan and CoreTemp(the previous version of HWMonitor is reading the same temperatures as speedfan and coretemp).

According to the sticky speedfan 4.33 should read my temps just right because my E2160 has tj. max 85c.

Full load @ 3.0ghz :55c
Full load @ 2.7ghz :41c (speedfan,coretemp and HWMonitor 1.07)

it's 3vs1 but who's reading the right temps?

Below a screenshot of the readings (detail: my Cooler Master tx2 was cold on touch atm of the screenshot)

Thanks for the help
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  1. Momentkiller, just follow the Guide to calibrate your temperatures.

    Comp :sol:
  2. Everest and coretemp are both accurate.

    Speedfan; last I tried it needed to be modded by 15c, but that should have been fixed by now.
  3. But could someone compare the readings of HWMonitor and the readings of a configured Speedfan

    http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php (download link top left)
  4. Just judging from the reading of 19c, unless you live in a very chilly environment, I'd say CoreTemp and SpeedFan are both incorrect for you. Looks like HWMonitor is closer to being accurate for you. Follow Comp's guide, and figure out what your temps read when nearly all variables are equal. That's how you'll know how far off you are from accuracy.

    Trust me, it's a great guide.
  5. I've read the guide but don't have the required equipment/ language knowledge to callibrate speedfan succesfully :P, So that's why I was hoping someone who has calibrated speedfan could compare the readings of his speedfan to HWMonitor.

    If someone could to this for me I would be very happy :P


    room temperature is under 20c (single glass and bad insulation).
  6. CoreTemp was not accurate for me. It was off just as much as SpeedFan. Just work through the temp guide. Believe me, it's a lot easier now then it was a few months ago.

    What makes you thing that you need extra equipment to calibrate speedfan?
  7. Quote:
    I've read the guide but don't have the required equipment/language knowledge to callibrate speedfan succesfully

    I tried configuring it, but I keep getting stuck. Or i'm not patient enough to read it trough or I just don't get it I don't know what it is :P

    But wouldn't it be much easier if someone just compared the readings of speedfan to HWMonitor?

    Can't you compare it Dunkel? We have pretty much identical systems
  8. I wish I could but every system is different even if it's the exact same gear and setup. Calibrating SpeedFan should take less then an hour. You will be a lot happier knowing that you did it and you'll be confident that your temps are correct.

    The only other option/advise I would suggest would be to open all of your temp reading apps, figure out what each apps Core Temp reading is, and take an average of them. But that seams more complicated to me.

    You could start a new thread, "I need help calibrating SpeedFan using the Temp guide by Computronix."
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