Hype for 1066 DDR2 Ram or just stay at DDR2 800

I am thinking of going Phenom with the gigabyte mobo after christmas. The mobos are 1066 standard. Will I really notice that much if I get 2x1gb Mushkin extreme over 4x512 Wintec DDR800. What if I goo 4gb DDR2800? Please help. Also, are there any SLI AM2+ Mobos out there?
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  1. Get DDR2 800 over DDR2 1066, because the difference between 1066 and 800 isnt much and also DDR2 800 OCs very well too

    u wont see a noticeable difference between 2x1GB and 4x512, but 4GB is very good and u will see difference

    also currently there isnt anu SLI AM2+ motherboards but some AM2 motherboards like ASUS M2N32-SLI DELUXE support AM2+ and SLI @ dual 16x mode
  2. So I can run the phenom with the ASUS M2N32-SLI DELUXE. Why is it not listed under newegg as compatable?
  3. i had to get 1066 ram so i could get my x2 4000 to 3.33ghz... lol
  4. to vegie:
    but it doesnt mean that every one need DDR2 1066 to make a X2 4000 to 3.3

    toUnderbyte1 8:
  5. Why bother? Check out this memory deal. $51 and it clocks to 1000MHz

  6. Ok Sweet thanks Maziar.
  7. Glad i could help mate :)
  8. One thing most people fail to understand is there is no such thing as DDR2 1066 according to JEDEC. RAM sold as 1066 is just DDR2 800 which is guaranteed to work overclocked at that speed (they also charge a lot more for it) but any quality DDR2 800 will go that high or higher so save yourself the money and get 800.
  9. Indeed, I got the £45 OCZ PC2-6400 SLI Memory, was £75 when I bought it tbh though.

    It has 2.3volts EVP so it EASILY went to 1ghz, will be putting it to 1066 as soon as I get my WC'ing installed and up the FSB.

    Will be adding another 2sticks and the OCZ ram cooler to help.

    Seriously rocks, found it gave a nice boost to windows startup time.
  10. Maziar, you've misspelled "because" in your "I'm from Iran..." statement.
  11. thanx mate for clearing that up :), i will fix it now
    thanx again :)
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