CPU Usage Staying at 50%+ and more

A little new here, but I have a reoccurring problem I'd like to explain to you all to see if it is fixable! Below I will give a picture of what actually is showing in my process explorer and my systems specs.

The problem is really nasty and noticeable because I play games like CS:Source and WoW. Basically what happens is that I will hear the windows noise of, for example, a usb drive being pulled out of my computer. Then, my frames per second will shoot from 100-150 down to 15-30 frames, and my cpu usage will also hop up to a whopping 50% and stay there constantly. The only way I've found to fix this problem is by restarting my computer - just to have the problem pop up again in generally ~30 minutes no matter how long I've kept my computer shut down.

When checking my process explorer, it is showing ~50% of my cpu usage as Hardware Interruptions and Deferred Procedure Calls.

Also, here is my system's specs-

I appreciate any feedback on this issue and hope the information I've provided will help as well!
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  1. Maybe a heat issue. Or heat + power issue. What graphics card do you have?
  2. I have a eVGA 8800GTX (768mb) Video card and a corsair 520w psu.
  3. Virus and Spywares....
  4. I actually reformatted as of noon.. being 14 hours ago and only having installed mobo\vid\other necessary drivers and game programs I wouldnt have anything remotely close to that as of this moment
  5. Did you install any new piece of hardware?
  6. I had a similar problem that had to do with my E6400, it seemed that i had to uninstall the usb hub in the device manager to get my cpu out of a wierd state of overworking doing nothing =).
    After i uninstalled the usb hub i just scanned for new hardware and the usb hub installed automaticly, all in all it took 30 secs to do it.
    Seems that Windows update later fixed that problem permanently but maybe you got something like that going on.
  7. might as well try that :) , did you do this while you were having the issue or was it before anything started to act up?
  8. Well, turns out that I may have to move this thread up to the CPU subforum if possible. So far I've concluded that spyware \ viruses are not the problem, and while the problem IS active my video gpu is still 53-60 celcius so that isn't causing the problem.

    I've recently downloaded some new drivers for my processor (Athlon 64 x2 6000+), and the Power monitor shows this:

    where core 0 is completely fine, but the other seems to be straining for some reason that I do not know.
    Hope I'm bumping down the possibilities to what this could be !
  9. Wow, that sucks,

    First, is your computer as bare as possible? (use mobo, chip, and diff GPU, on HDD and no ROMs (use an old one, maybe even pci - got an old tnt around?) In other words, take everything out.

    Try changing your keyboard and mouse (are they usb?)

    Sometimes, there's a card, or hardware, that is causing the problem (usb's are bad for that - even with the keyboard and mouse).

    Could you try your chip in another mobo?

    Do you have spare parts around?

    Try different memory, or switch the memory sticks aroud.

    let me know what's up.
  10. My keyboard and mouse are both USB, and this computer has been a complete upgrade from my old one (new mobo,chipset,ram,pci-e slot).

    The only other gfx card I have is agp, which there is no slot on my motherboard, but I might try taking out a piece of ram ( 2 stick of 1gb ) to see if one may have been messed up?

    I could also take my sound card out as well, I've heard that sometimes many problems revert to sound cards even though I had no trouble with it from my last PC.
  11. Interrupts & DPC's are usually hardware/driver related. A BIOS update may also be in order.
  12. Heh, I just really don't know what is causing the interruptions, or what DPC's are (just that I have them). I'm pretty positive I have everything hooked up correctly as I've had this computer since last summer.

    Is there anything like a program or etc. that can tell me something less vague than that I just have these interrupts and dpcs? If I'm able to cut down the list I can probably deal with or replace whatever is causing the problems.

    I'm sure there is an update for my BIOS, but I heard that those are rough to do :x
  13. Several people have the exact same problem, including me, but all i did was restart the computer and it usually works. Do you own a Creative soundcard? Try disabling sound hardware acceleration, and/or reinstall the drivers. They are very suspect in this case. Let us know of the outcome.
    Good luck
  14. Alright, turned hardware acceleration to none in the performance tab under Advanced Audio Properties if thats the correct place you are referring to. Gonna to give it a restart and see if the problem occurs again.
  15. Could be a Virus scanner or such tryin to run once a day a hogging resources and every time you interupt it takes a bit to start again.
  16. Nah, it happens randomly throughout the time my computer is on...

    however from what darkguset said, I have turned the hardware acceleration off on my sound card and I've been playing smooth for a good 3 hours now when it usually pops up after 30 minutes.

    After a little while though I had to restart my game because instead of the FPS getting extremely slow, the sound was messing up ( easier than restarting). But thats the only thing I've seen so far with trying out that fix.

    I may just need a new sound card if thats the case :X since my gigabyte m55sli mobo's onboard ports don't work :\
  17. Cool great news.
  18. Glad to hear you had some improvement! It may be the sound card drivers and not the hardware itself. Unfortunately if it is Creative related, there is not much you can do about it. Creative make nice products with **** support.
  19. I'd hate to shove this topic back up to the top, but it started happening again. I even took out my audigy 2 zs sound card (using the onboard), bought a new cpu (sadly unrefundable), and the problem still persists.

    I really don't know what to say. If it IS my graphics card (which stays at 53-60 celcius even during the problem) I cannot replace it as that is too much money to spend, other than that I'm positive everything is wired and fit in perfectly from trying to find the most remote thing that could be causing this. The computer shops I've called have said that the problem I'm getting would be extremely hard to solve because of how it randomly shows itself, so that knocks off any help there :\

    So unless I'm wrong about it, the only thing else that could be causing this would be my video card? I'm not sure if my motherboard, power supply, hard drive, cd\dvdrom, or ram could cause a considerable problem like this..
  20. Check for spyware and viruses.
  21. this was happening before i reformatted as well.
  22. Post pictures of CPU-Z v1.42 or tell us what values you see there.
  23. i had an issue like this a while ago, my cpu usage was always 50+..ALWAYS.

    SOLUTION #1: Anyways, I went into my Task Manager (Ctrl+alt+Deleted) and found out that my USB wireless internet Adapater was killing my CPU. It alone was causing the 50%+ usage. I uninstalled the driver and downloaded a newer version that fixed the problem. Ever since then I am down to 2% usage. Seriously...If I were you I would google the name of the file/program that is causing the high CPU Usage, just go to your task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and see what is taking up all your cpu usage and than google the "Image Name" for a solution.

    SOULTION #2: Go to RUN->Type "msconfig"->go to "Startup" and disable some/most of those programs->also go "Service"->check "Hide All Microsoft Service"->Disable some/all of the the remaining programs. I have disabled everything but 2 programs in total in both of these areas. You will need to restart your PC after doing this and is relatively safe thing to do. If for some reason, something is not working or showing up go back and check mark it - its pretty easy.

    I do this an only have 22 processes when I start up windows...it makes the PC run a lot faster and smoother.

    If none of this helps or brings about ideas to you - I have no idea what is wrong, sorry! =/
  24. evongugg said:
    Post pictures of CPU-Z v1.42 or tell us what values you see there.

    do you want me to post values when the problem is occuring? I'll try to as soon as it shows up since it randomly pops up
  25. You sound savvy enough to have treid the msconfig route, but if not try it and comb out as much unneeded stuff as possible. I'd also try a bios update. It really isnt that hard. If your lucky you can do it using a usb stick, or if not go and find yourself a fresh unused floppy, as an old dusty one from the bottom of the cupboard is a bit risky for that kind of thing. Try restroing all bios settings to default, take off any overclocks and update and reinstall all drivers for everything, gpu, motherboard, soundcard, monitor, everything. Try getting your machine as much into a 'vanilla' state as possible, and see where you can go from there.
  26. Pictures of CPU-Z at any moment should be fine.
  27. dont forget to download AMD's dual core optimizer, and Windows XP's dual core fix ;)
    thats a must for gamers + dual core
    and seems indeed a weird bug betwen the USB hub and your drivers.

    did you check task manager?? look at svchost.exe...

    if that is the cpu hogger than you either are downloading updates from microsoft... check for the installer yellow shield on bottom right coner of screen... or a virus downloader.

    Tell me what is the .EXE file that is hogging?!??!
  29. Going to go out on a limb here and say it is my motherboard and ram that have been making this problem happen. I took one 1gb stick out last night and didn't have any problems for the few hours that I was playing my games.Although I noticed my system was a bit slower because of only having a 1gb stick in, what I am thinking is that there is something bugged with when I try and dual channel my ram. I am also testing tonight with 2gb (single channeled).

    I didn't have the xp dual core fix, but just got that installed as well so I'll see if I notice an improvement performance wise.

    edit - going to add all the cpuz images, big post :sweat:

    Both sticks have the same stats, they are in slots #2 and #3 to avoid dual channeling for now
    the ram mobo slots go 1&2 yellow then 3&4 red.
  30. Been thinking about this since my computer has been running fine the past 2 days using 1 stick yesterday, and single channeling today and not seeing any problems.

    Would flashing my bios (seen above on cpu-z as updated on 12/2006) help at all? I would like to try and see if it solves any problems or adds improvements, just that I am not quite sure about doing that on a whim since I heard it's rough sometimes flashing the bios.
  31. Flashing the Bios is easy. Use a bootable floppy. You can get it at:


    I don't think that flashing is going to solve your problem. I think you should test the memory modules with memtest86+.
  32. evongugg said:
    Flashing the Bios is easy. Use a bootable floppy. You can get it at:


    I don't think that flashing is going to solve your problem. I think you should test the memory modules with memtest86+.

    I totally agree...i personal would NOT flash bios - unless you had done it before or was with someone that has, it can really mess you up if you do it wrong. Run a program called memtest86+ to see if you RAM is defective - that would be a better idea.
  33. Heh, I'll update what I've done so far today in order :P
    -Ran 5 passes of memtest86+ with no errors (ram was single channeled)
    -Flashed my bios (old version was from 12/2006, now running one from 7/2007)
    -Changed ram back to dual channel setup, will see from playing tonight if it acts up.

    Also wondering if an option in my bios called M.I.T. (Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker) called Robust Graphics Booster would increase the performance noticeably on my graphics card. Currently set on auto but it has a fast and turbo setting, but that question is just outta curiosity.

    Other than that, it looks like the problem has been shaven down to how my motherboard is acting towards dual channeling.. I'll post back up tonight to see if perhaps the flashing solved anything since memtest showed no errors
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