GA-P35-D3SL chipset cooling advice

I currently have a GA-P35-D3SL running a e6750 with the stock cooling fan. My house is very old without very good insulation and the room my computer is in gets pretty hot during the summer. I am leaning towards a ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED due to the decent cooling reviews and current sale price. My question is if anyone has a similar type setup what type of cooling fans/heat sink can I get for the north chipset that will fit with that cpu fan. Advice on a south cooler would be awesome as well.

Even though I live in silicone valley with poor transportation it is easier and cheaper for me to order parts online so taking my system in to a store to check clearance is not an option.
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  1. How hot is the motherboard temps? If you're not OCing or have a moderate OC, there is no point in changing the chipset heatsink. What you can do is get good thermal paste like Arctic Silver 5 and reapply it on the NB and SB after cleaning the old paste off.
  2. The motherboard is running pretty cool at 31c right now under stock conditions. I only want to prepare for the coming summer when my room is 80+ degrees in the afternoon to evening.
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