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Lots of apps crashing, AV playing up?

November 30, 2012 4:17:51 PM

First I would like to say that this PC has been diagnosed by failing RAM, and will be returned ASAP but has now developed another issue. This may be related, but I don't want to return it with a ton of rootkits or anything, so if this is likely tied in with the RAM then I'll just stfu.

Anyway, I started using my PC, playing some Planetside 2 when I got the familiar BSOD. Restarted, got it again, suprisingly- usually just once. Restarted again, opened Chrome.
Went to YouTube and checked my inbox. Pressed reply to reply to a private message and it loads for like a minute, when it should be instant. In frustration I click to the side of the 'inbox' area, page crashes. Try again and in new tab, Chrome crashes. Every time I start it, instant 'Windows error' thing / stopped working, though that stops responding as soon as it opens. It also only has the 2 buttons visible, rest is all white with no text.
Open Firefox, crash just like chrome instantly. Antivirus warns it can't load the profile or something. Try IE, Google the issue, try running Rootkit Remover, crashes just like the browsers.
So then I came here to type out this whole ordeal. WTF?!