Riva Tuner, and its overclocking options, range is locked by settings?

Hmm, while playing with Riva Tuner, I noticed that there is a range you select from the slider, yet its locked into steps. As in, the range of 682-690 actually net a core clock of 684. There is no range, its either 675, then the next step being 684. Up until 693, then it becomes 702 mhz. And there is a small range where it wont switch, then a jump to a higher frequency.

I was wondering if anyone knows why it does that? Does it sync with the rest of your settings to find a point it likes? Ahh well, dunno what one to go by, guess the actual value, hehe, not the slider value, wouldnt have noticed except I had a graph open with the speeds of the video card, and they didnt match what it was set at.

The shader is actually 1620, when I have it set to 1594. And the memory clock is actually 1152, when I have it set to 1146. Nice, hehe. Anyone know why it does that?

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  1. What Rivatuner is reporting is accurate. There's the offset that's why it's different.

    For the increments thing, have you tried hitting setup and changing the values around? It probably won't change anything at all though.
  2. Well, it makes OCing kinda easy when you have a range, lol! It removes the fine tuning, but it does still work! See ya soon!

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