Why is this SSD SO CHEAP? Whats wrong with it?

So rather than replacing my 3 year old thinkpad t43, I figure a couple hundred bucks, get an SSD drive for it. That would take care of the hard drive never stopping issues (yes even after a reload - just old basically - for me anyway).

I found this one TS64GSSD25-M on newegg.com for $275 and under $300 everywhere else.

Transcend 64GB 2.5" IDE SSD

Why is this so cheap? Whats wrong with it? All the other 64GB solid states I see are like $700+

What gives?

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  1. It's probably MLC, with no wear leveling or any other features. As a result, its read performance will be all right (but not stellar), and its write performance will be horrendous. Get a 7200RPM drive - it'll probably be faster.

    Or, if you can afford it, the Samsung SSD is an amazing performer.
  2. i hear OCZ has some quality budget SSds coming, or they are already out i dunno. check em out.
  3. Any "budget" SSD will have MLC, which is inherently both slower and more prone to wearing out. I wouldn't bother with them. The good SSDs are a different story, other than that they are too expensive for most people.
  4. I removed myself from the tech-geek world a few years back, haven't been keeping up (hence my question)...

    What's an "MLC"...?
  5. Multi level cell. It means that the flash stores 2 bits in each individual location, instead of one. SLC, or single level cell, is the faster, more reliable type of flash.
  6. lol, back in 2008, those SSDs were so expensive for such little data.
    i hope that in 2012 or 2013, we will look back and say "ohhh.. he payed $500 for a 256GB SSD, lol, i payed $350 and got a 1TB one"

    these may only be hopes
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