Do heat Pipes mean a better mobo or one with heat issues?

I was considering the Asus PK5 - Deluxe or Supreme to overclock a Q6600, along with a huge cooler like Tuniq. Actually there is another one out there that looks nice too. But all 3 of these boards have something in common which is this big copper pipe running from the North Bridge. I thought, Great! - It has awesome cooling so when I go to over clock it it will work better. Then I thought again and wondered if maybe the copper is there because the board are hotter than all the other boards out there. If that is the truth, then they'd raise the case temps and make over clocking even harder. Is there any truth in this, or are all advanced, recent motherboards of this caliber about the same? At the same time, having a board like this is important for over clocking so catch 22. Hopefully it's not too hot. I've read over and over about Q6600's being OC'd to 3.6ghz on air with reasonable temps by using great coolers. But can it be done on a P5K too? I think I've seen it done, but I will look around more. I've seen it on other versions of Asus etc.

Here is a picture of the heat pipe.
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  1. Yes, Ocing a G0 Q6600 to 3.6GHz is rather easy with the right motherboard. You'd want to get ASUS P5k-e instead, it is a much better choice and OCs very nicely.

    As for your heat-pipe question, you are right and wrong. Some motherboards comes with very large cooling so it can accommodate the expected OCing while other times it is due to a hot mobo. It's more the former than the latter, however. You might want to check the motherboard temps using tools like HWMonitor.
  2. Thanks very much for letting me know about the P5k-e. I'm now seriously considering getting it instead of the Deluxe or Supreme.

    I just found that the only differences between the P5k and P5K-e are that the e has one less LAN port, and a smaller copper heat pipe. But that probably makes little difference since they felt ok about making it that way. At least I hope so. So maybe the other differences are in the BIOS and ability to tune the over clock? I have noticed people seem to like the "e" version a lot more for some reason. Most likely the OC abilities as you said.

    Also the e board seems to be about $40 less. It seems to be a better deal and the fact that you suggested it means I'm probably ordering it :D . The thing that throws me is I see people making posts about it in April of 2007. But then a review in December of 2007. At first I thought the "e" was newer, but now maybe it's not? I guess it doesn't matter much. I'm also planning on the G0 version. I may only be able to buy that now, but I'll make sure it's a G0 before buying. As for heat pipes, as long as this board is considered a good one in regards to heat, I'm happy to try it. I'll also get HWMonitor.
  3. as Evilonigir i said it's a bit of both.
    They replace the noisy & failure prone chipset fans which is an improvement for stock use but if you are going to do some extreme overclocking then you are probably going to replace the stock cooliong solutions anyway & heatpipes make that a bit more difficult as you may have to replace more than would be necessary if they were individual coolers (unless you don't mind voiding your warranty by hacking them up).
  4. Yes, the P5k-e is an excellent board. You will not be disappointed. OCs the Q6600 like crazy, 3.6GHz is like nothing. You can also expect near 500MHz fsb OCs, not that you should do that.
  5. Gee, wonder where Evil is getting that info from?

    And get the P5k-e wifi. Its an on board one that actually works just fine.
    I have the board, and Love it, and am the one with the near 500 FSB! Just 475, for now.

    I does boot at 500 fsb! Its just that my processor was a bit slow at 3.51. Other than that, my 250 dollar maximus formula gets my secondary processor and junk, and the 150 dollar p5k-e gets the primary junk, 8 gigs of ram, a 3.8 oc, a high fsb, that the maximus wont boot on, I may add. It does boot at 450. But not at the nice and fast speed of 475!

    Hope that helps.

  6. i love 475fsb =950 ram
    i wish i can do that!!!!lol
  7. 500 fsb or bust

    yer right about the slow cpu at 7x multi though as I too wouldn't stick with 500 fsb unless I can keep it at 8x muti
  8. Lupiron said:
    Gee, wonder where Evil is getting that info from?


    I knew everything the instant I was born.
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