Trying to install ICH10R RAID controller drivers

Good afternoon, hardware gurus. I have a problem that hopefully has a simple answer.

The background:
I'm running Windows XP SP 2.
I have an Asus P6T Deluxe mobo, which uses an ICH10R drive controller, upon which I have two hard drives in RAID 0.
Windows XP is NOT installed on the RAID array - it is installed on a separate standalone drive.
The drivers for the ICH10R controller are not installed because the controller wasn't even in RAID mode when I installed Windows.

The problem:
I want to enable my RAID array so Windows can see it, but Windows crashes if I even try to boot up with it enabled in the BIOS.
I downloaded Intel's installer for ICH10R drivers, which can be used to make a boot floppy for use when installing XP. I could slipstream those drivers and reinstall Windows, but I'd rather avoid that.
I can't get the drivers to install in my running version of XP. The setup comes back with "Invalid operating system", and if I try to manually install via the INF file it does nothing - literally no response.

The question:
Does anyone know how to load the ICH10R drivers into Windows XP without the reinstalling Windows?

Thanks in advance for your assitance.
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  1. Have you thought about slipstreaming the RAID driver you need to a bootable CD (nLite can help), and then doing a repair install of XP?
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