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I have a toshiba m400 s5032 and the hard drive went bad. I bought an equivalent hard drive from an online seller that had a ubuntu on it. I reformatted the hard drive and tried to install windows vista business the original operating system. At first the hdd was unable to be detected; so I used an usb stick to install the raid drivers and I thought I was getting somewhere. Now vista claims that the HDD format is not compatible for installation. It was formatted to a 90 gigs. I did all the formatting within the vista installation DVD. Anyone have any ideas how I can get this thing up and running?
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  1. take your system to a good technician...!
  2. So what they can call toshiba and get the recovery disc and charge me 500 bucks. No thanks!
  3. DEAR…..
    Empty (C: D :) Drive and 31 MB Boot (X:) Drive In Windows 7
    Both of my computers are having this problem. Both are Windows 7. When I tried to recover them using the Windows 7 DVD, the drivers don't show up on the ones compatible for recovery. Only when I looked into it I see drive x:\>BOOT(X): I tried everything, and nothing seem to work. Please help me if this happened to you or you know how to fix this. Thanks!k
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