Need advice...Should I wait or Start putting together new Gaming PC?

Currently i have a 939amd Mobo and its pretty much obsolete, imo, in terms of upgrading to play the current big name games that are eating hardware pieces alive, or so they say. Im looking to upgrade my system, but im worried about putting a system together only to see new parts coming out in near future that would be better fit. Some factors I know i want to take advantage of are SLI, and I have water cooling right now (Its a Thermaltake build, fits all processor sockets atm). Im thinking of going Quad core as in future there will be some more multi threaded apps (even if a few). Ive seen the rave on the new 8800Gt but ive been burned on the 7800gt, in getting two, then only a handfull of months later the 7900gt comes out and its even better, at the same price. I dont wanna go thru that again, So im thinking of waiting to see what the new Nvidia and ATI line have in store.

So...with all this new technology thats out right now, im wondering if its a good time to start planning my new build based off my desires & concerns, or wait it out and see what this new technology that i hear is coming out in the next few months, has to offer. Again, i will most certaintly SLI, so if a motherboard chipset such as the X38 (which i was def. checkin out) doesnt look to support SLI very soon, I wont plan around it. A big thing is being future proof for at least a year or so...enough time to pay the rig off. I basically want to be able to put together a system that can utilize SLi, and play games such as Crysis and Supreme Commander very well, on native 1600 x 1200 resolution (Im also looking to get a 22" Samsung LCD....coming from a 15" CRT....i know, big change :) ) or higher.

Also, any other recommendations on ram, cases, PSU, and HD to compliment or coincide with my ideas or assipirations is appreciated.
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  1. If you wait on new technology, you will be waiting forever.

    On that same note, I think that now is a good time to buy. Ram prices are low, new CPUs are coming out, new GPUs are coming out, etc.

    I mean, I don't see anything HUGE on the horizon in the next few months. You may want to wait for the G92 8800GTS 640MB that will supposedly be released in DEC.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you cdiddy. I'm starting from scratch with my first build coming from a Dimension 4100 (how do you spell old?)....

    Here's what I'm getting taking in to consideration future proofing.

    Case: Antec 900 - crazy amount of airflow and high customization. It also has 2 rubber grommets on the back if you choose water cooling down the road
    Motherboard: Evga 680i SLI (A1 version) - One of the best chipsets out there and has been for a while. This board is made for overclocking and SLI. The great thing about EVGA is their lifetime warranty (even if you ruin it from overclocking) and the amount of people/support on the forums.
    RAM - PC6400 2x2 gig Patriot Ram. There's 4 Dimm's on my board and I felt it'd be silly to get 2x 1gig, especially since DDR2 is so cheap now. I can always get another 2x 2gig later on if need be (I do some photoshop work and video editing so it could come in handy)
    Processor and heatsink - Q6600 was a great choice...It's 'cheap', has 4 cores for multitasking and can handle some oc'ing. Only thing is it puts out some crazy heat which is why I got the thermalright ultra 120 extreme. Current best heatsink out there. (all the fans in the 900 case come in handy for this too)
    PSU - thermaltake toughpower 750. Enough power for what I need for now with some headroom for future add ons. Also is modular and with the rebate I got it with on newegg, it was a steal
    HD - Samsung 500 gig - enough space for now, very good benchmarks on toms and hopefully good reliability
    Vid Card - the only thing im deliberating on now. I'd like to think that the G92 8800 GTS will come out next month. If so I'll hope to get the 1 gig version from EVGA (warranty). Until then I have a 7300 LE filler card I'll use.
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