Fail to start

i hv installed fresh xp on my c drive.
but after installing the drivers of my motherboard via original disk, after restarting it fails to start.
can any one help me pls
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  1. Hi rakeshfdd,

    Try starting your XP in safe mode with networking support (tap the F8 key rapidly at startup).

    If you can successfully load into Safe mode with Networking Support, you can go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download the newest drivers from your motherboard.

  2. Its a very common xp issue....check:control panel-power options-advanced you will possibly have the choices you reply
  3. Best answer
    more info needed?
    dos it do a bios check or anything
    what happens after you press start button?
  4. Thanx to u all...
    i hv solved my problem.
  5. Best answer selected by rakeshfdd.
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