Is it safe to leave an encryption USB key plugged in?

Hi all,

I use Bitlocker on my Windows 8 pro desktop PC and I currently use a pre-boot password to provide the security. however typing in an extra password every time means I have to wait at the PC to type in the 2 passwords and it's getting quite tedious. I was thinking that I could have it requiring a USB stick with the key on rather than a human typed password, and that USB stick would be kept in the rear USB ports. Under my desk I have my cables tidied and tied and they run through a cable tray and then through a couple of bits of velcro before splitting off and connecting to the rear of the desktop PC. The USB stick would be attached to the rest of the cables, hopefully you can visualise this, if not and you think it will help I could attach a picture.

my question is, if I were to be burgled, do you think the thief would bother taking any USB sticks or dongles attached to the other cables or would they just pull out the desktop and just take that? In terms of importance I'm not storing any highly confidential data, just your usual pictures, music, personal documents and saved passwords. I think my emphasis is more on the question of what does a burglar take in terms of computer peripherals than the encryption side of things.
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  1. If you're going to leave the key permanently attached you might as well just stop using encryption altogether.
  2. I have to go with bubblehead on this one. What is the purpose of USB encryption if you are planning on leaving it in 24/7.
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