[SC4] Travel time: Long (Reistijd: Lang)

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When I build new residential areas, the inhabitants cannot find work in
their neighbourhood, although I zone new commercial and industrial areas.
Instead of changing their job, they keep it. After that they complain and
abandon the building. I have to bulldoze it down. Nor do they use "openbaar
vervoer" (public traveling), they keep using their cars but they don't think
about using the "metro" (subway), monorail and/or "trein" (train).

This way I pay a lot of money to zoning and developing a public travel
system (bus, subway, train) but I don't receive tax because the Sims
complain, and leave the buildings.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.simcity (More info?)

    I am testing out various cities with SC4 to find a solution for it. I
    think if you have residential buildings with "Reistijd: Lang"
    (Travel/commute tim: Long), you have too many residential buildings.
    Most of my cities consist of high density residential buildings, high
    density commercial buildings and middle density industrial buildings
    (for limiting pollution and giving high tech industry more chances).
    With less residential buildings and enough buildings of other kinds,
    the people have more chances to find work in an acceptable distance.

    This is just an assumption, so right now I am testing this theory out.

    Hans Kamp.
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