Cable Modem Receive Power Out of Sync

I had called Charter Communications, my cable company, because I was unable to connect to the internet after my cable was installed today. The problem was fixed after power cycling my modem for the 4th time.

Anyway, the tech support guy connected to my cable modem and detected a problem. He was going to contact a technician to come out and fix the problem, but their intranet was down and couldn't connect to the right department or something. He told me to call back tomorrow.

He said "the receive power level was 4.5db out of spec". I'm sorry to say I have no idea what that means. Do any of you know, and what problems would it cause for my internet connection? Is it worth having the technician come out?
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  1. Yeah, get a tech out. He was referring to your 'signal strength' that you get from outside. Too strong, too weak, screws with it.

    A tech will come out and not even need inside.. its an unattended visit.
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