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I desperately need some help. My motherboard died and I need access to the data from that PC which was on a RAID 10 configuraiton with four 500 GB drives, using the raid controller built in to the Intel ICH9 chipset.

I want to purchase a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive enclosure that will have a Raid controller compatible with the ICH9 so that it will be able to read my four drives.

I other words, I want to buy a device (and will pay good $) into which I can put the four drives and recover all four drives in their original RAID configuration.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a million, if you do!!

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  1. You will most likely need to buy another motherboard with ICH9 or ICH10 to be able to recover your date. Once recovered then you can transfer it. This is one of the problems with having RAID on a motherboard.
  2. Thanks, Rozar. I was hoping that was not the answer, but if it is - so be it... the motherboard is still under warranty so I can send it in for repair/replacement... I was just hoping to find a way I could avoid being without my data for so long.

  3. I agree with Rozar, theres many articles about this on the net. Basically the RAID levels dont have a standard to how the array information is stored, so every manufacturer makes their "own" way oh how the array is read from so you cant really transplant arrays to another chipset or controller.
  4. Best bet would be another MB, but you might be able to get away with this:
    However I would still buy another MB, as there may be come compatibility issues between either card and the ICH9.
  5. You might be able to use RAID Reconstructor and GetDataBack for NTFS to recover the RAID.

    RAID Reconstructor does not specifically work on a RAID-10. However, if you eliminate 1 drive of each mirror set, it is essentially a RAID-0. I would be willing to bet that RAID Reconstructor would recover your data in this configuration.

    I've used these tools to recover RAID-0's before and they do work.

    It's probably easier, in your case, to get a new motherboard with the same southbridge (ICH9R or ICH10R). That way, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you can see the array and recover the data.

    I would not attempt to use any controller other than the ICH9R/ICH10R to access these drives. Each manufacturer uses their own proprietary RAID format, and other manufacturer's cards will definitely not see your array, and could overwrite something important.
  6. guys same with me... my ICH6R based board to be specific Shuttle XPC SB81P its proprietary PSU died and its hard for me to source the power supply PC55 450watts. My other options is assemble another PC with ICH9R or ICH10R and load my Raid 0 array. It's basically my gaming pc. I think of getting now a P35/45 based board. I was hoping my PSU wont die until i get a new system... I miss those adaptec cards in the office... it much simpler transferring the card any system
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