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Removing windows xp

I want to remove Microsoft Office XP from my computer...but when I tried to do the remove software I only saw Microsoft Office XP Frontpage....did I get rid of all of Office...Excel, Word, etc? That is what I wanted to do...? Please help!!
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  1. If you cant see no more leftovers from Office (Word / Excel documents , etc), likelihood that they don't exist in your PC.

    If you want to delete Frontpage as well, just do it through the uninstall program
    (Go to Add / Remove Programs located in the Control Panel)
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    Hi Lisa,

    If you want to be sure Office XP is totally gone you can download and install the Office XP Resource Kit from this link:

    You will have to scroll down the page until you find the above named kit.

  3. ^ Those tools seem to be for old versions of office. Do they work for the newer versions?

    I would suggest using revo uninstaller to make sure all traces are removed.
  4. There are newer versions, but that one was for her Office XP specifically.
    I have used revo uninstaller yet. I'll have to check it out now! Thanks.
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