another 32-bit OS 4gb ram question :p - just kidding

i know 32-bit OSes dont recognize the full 4GB

but if a 2x2gb set is the smartest, easiest, stablest and fastest way for me to go, will it be better than going for 3gb? because i dont want to use up all my slots, and i have 2x1GB right generic right now, getting a 2x2GB OCZ sli set would be painless

would it be okay? or will i be a stupid retard who spend all that money on ram for nothing :bounce:
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  1. I used to have XP with 2 gigs of ram then upgraded to 3 gigs... I could not tell a difference, maybe windows started up 1 second faster.....

    Not really worth it unless you upgrade to 64 bit OS... Then and only then that is going to future proof it... I have 4 gigs now and cannot tell a difference... But that might be because Vista requires or needs more ram for the same performance. With all the gay aero stuff to show....
  2. Ram is pretty cheap right now - if you are planning on upgrading you might as well get 4 gigs, I have seen several 6400 4 GB kits for under a hundred and 2GB kits for under 40 and who knows maybe 64bit drivers will get better and then you can use the 4 gigs.

    If you are just adding ram you may not see too much of a difference between 2 and 3 gigs depending on what you do. Adding to 3 gigs you would lose dual channel though so you may see a negative difference there. If you fill up all 4 slots you can keep dual channel

    I cant speak for Vista but 2GB works fine for me in XP and I doubt I would notice a difference with more ram... well maybe when playing Sup Com
  3. Not to hijack, but I'm looking to max out my laptop with plans of eventually installing Vista 64 Ultimate. I currently have Vista 32 Home Premium. It's a newer HP Pavilion laptop and has two slots, which they claim a max of 4GB. Will 2x2GB sticks WORK on the laptop? I know 32bit OS won't see 4gb total, but they will work until i upgrade the OS to 64 bit right? Sorry for the newb question, just wanna make sure.
  4. Having 4gb instead of 2gb doesn't hurt xp, it's just that it isn't fully realized. What you can hope for is less time spent on swap file churning when you tab around your running applications.
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