E8400 Intel Quiet cooler @ 65+ degrees

Hi all,

My new cpu is running a little hot.

I’ve been running core temp and the on board asus temp monitoring software.

Having read a number of threads on the matter I was expecting both the ASUS and core temp to be reading their values directly from the CPU. There is however a 10 degree difference between the two?

Idling I am running at 43-50 degrees and under load I caught core temp reading 102 degress C!!! on one of my cores. As a secondary matter I though the CPU should have shut its self down at that temp?

Any how anyone else is using the same or similar cpu with the intel quiet cooler and if so are you having the same problems.

And is my CPU likely to be toasted? Though it has only been running at these stupid temp for 4 days at a few hours at a time?

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  1. Spec up date

    My system,

    It should be noted that i am haveing problems with my cooler, i am running at 45-50+ degress while i idle!. already onto the people who built it.

    MB: ASUS P5K SE Bios Version 0704 Dated 11/30/2007
    CPU: E8400 (3Ghz) Model 7 REV C0
    Ram : DD2 4GB (P6400) Corsair 2 x 2GB
    Grap: Nvidia GF 8600 GT
    Windows XP with Service pack 2
    Direct X 9

    Anela, as best as i can tell my MB drivers are upto date? Do you need anything else?

    Just updating non esental window files and will work on my graphics next
  2. There's issues with the E8400 sensors, there's quite a few people with them.

    If the ASUS temp monitoring is correct and displaying the Tcase, then yes, you have a cooling problem. Make sure your cooler is properly seated, most of the time that will solve the issue.
  3. Oh yes there are some issue with my new CPU!
  4. with my e3110.. i idle at around that also.....

    It seems hot to me..
    BUT no 1 really knows......
    under load it hits like 70/66..

  5. The E8400 does not play nice with many core temperature programs. Use a programm called realtemp 2.4 -this program does report the accurate temperature. At first I thought I was roasting my E8400 till I found this out. Now my overclocked E8400 (3600ghz) runs at 40 idle and 64 under load.
  6. its best to use coretemp/real temp to calibrate speedfan for everyday use and easy monitoring
  7. perhaps the heatsink is not seated correctly. remove, repaste and reseat
  8. as to above^

    remember to use thermal paste cleaner to clean off the old paste.if you havent got any alcohol cleaner you could also use vinegar to clean the base.but dont leave the vinegar on there for too long.rinse after vinegar clean.
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