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Hi I'm hoping someone can explain this for me, I was just wondering and wanted to understand this.

What is more important, a good low wattage psu with good amps like the corsair VX450, or a high wattage psu with good amps like the corsair hx520w/620w(these are just examples). Of course the latter is better but what I'm trying to say is if the vx450 has enough amps to meet the requirements then is it needed to get a higher watt psu.

For example people recommend a good 600w+ psu for a SLI system, but if the vx450(just an example) has enough amps, do you still need a psu with a high wattage.

So is having enough power just as important as having the right amps, or is amps on a psu more important.

Thank you
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  1. Depends what kind of power draw you have...

    The vx450 would be enough for 8800gt or gts

    however, if you wanted an 8800ultra or SLI id be looking at the 620W at least.
  2. it is good
  3. SLI8800 ultra + a 450 PSU = mushroom cloud. Yes the order is actually wattage first then ampage second. Use some psu calculator to find your wattage needs. then such for one with your wattage with a good amp rating
  4. I'm just asking a question in general because I read about some people on forums talk about things such as using a 8800GTS SLI system on a 500, 520w psu with good amps but other people say 600W+ should be looked to play it safe because it needs the power. Just a lil confused, although I understand that your going to have different power draw depending on what kind of system you have and I'd rather play it safe myself too.

    Ok I hear you, wattage needs first then comes amps.
  5. Play it safe. Don't skimp on the power supply. Because in cause you didn't know. When a power supply goes up in clouds it can take EVERYTHING with it.
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