Need help with P35 Neo 2 from MSI

I know this is probably a total noob question but i have not put together a computer since the socket 939 days... I have a 6600 cpu.... so it looks a little funny to me. On my motherboard, there was a plastic cover over the pins, which i was told to remove in the manual, but on the bottom of the CPU, there are three small square looking pins. On the motherboard, in that spot, there is what looks to be a plastic cover... but i dont see anything in the book about it. Should i try and remove that? or leave it there.... Seems weird that plastic would be in that spot but i dont want to mess anything up by trying to pul it off it shouldn't.

Thanks for the help.
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    It must be removed. It may come as a shock to you or an AMDer that Intel cpus don't have any pins on the bottom/base. Only contacts. The pins are in the socket 775. Just line them up. See manual for cpu install.
  2. Ok lol... Before I go and mess up the cpu and motherboard... I just wanna make sure were on the same page. The plastic piece in the img you linked from newegg is the large, square piece that protects the cpu area on the motherboard. The manual 'does' say to remove that, and it comes off very easy. What I am talking about it is a small, 1/16th of a inch wide rectangle piece of plastic that sits in the middle of where the cpu pins are. There is an obvious connector on the cpu itself that looks like it should connect to something where the rectangle plastic piece is. But why would they have two pieces you have to remove and if i have to remove it, why not say so in the manual... But then again, why would there be plastic there.... I just wanna make sure I don't mess anything up.

    I tried just picking at the rectangle plastic piece very lightly and it didint move unlike the large plastic piece that your told to remove in the manual.
    Again, thanks for the help.
  3. what board did u buy, and if you can provide a picture with your cell phone or something, that'd be helpful...

    i've never seen plastic on a motherboard, and pray I never have to, but you never know...

    Is that the center piece? Don't. Don't do anything the manual doesn't say.
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