AMD likely to also postpone launch of 2.4GHz Phenom CPUs

Issues with AMD's new 65nm processors are not only dampening the launch schedule of the highest frequency version Phenom CPU, but may now also affect the 2.4GHz 9700 model as well, according to sources at motherboard makers in Taiwan.

Phenom 9500 and 9600 CPUs launched on November 19 at US$251 and US$283, respectively, and AMD was earlier reported to be planning to launch a 9700 model in mid December. However, this schedule is now likely to be pushed back to early 2008, sources at motherboard makers have revealed.

The delay of the higher-end CPUs is not the only disappointment expressed by the industry players as the thermal design power (TDP) of the upcoming 9700 is also drawing concern. The sources revealed that the 9700 will have a TDP of 125W while the the 2.6GHz 9900 model will have its TDP hit as much as 140W.

In light of the delay and the higher-than-expected TDP values, the motherboard makers expressed concerns about AMD's planned migration to 45nm production in 2008 with the possibility that the Socket AM3 CPU lineup, including Deneb FX, Deneb, Propus, Regor and Sargas, may all have their launch schedules postponed.

AMD responed in saying that AMD Phenom 9000 series processors are designed for 65nm production and are undergoing a smooth ramp at Fab36. AMD's strategy consists of bringing the right technology to the right markets at the right time to meet the needs of our clients and consumers.

AMD likely to also postpone launch of 2.4GHz Phenom CPUs
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  1. What else could possibly go wrong...
  2. Did you eve realise that AMD admitted the 2.4GHz part was going to be delayed until January '08 and even gave the reason why ... this was a couple days ago.
  3. cfvh600 said:
    What else could possibly go wrong...

    Maybe the Phenoms will start showing "red rings" soon...
  4. Wow. Takes up more power than a year old Q6600 and doesn't perform as well. And it's not out yet. Has anything changed?
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