6 pin PCi-E GPU power connector

On my other computer my cooler master 460watt has a 6 pin power connector that Id like to use to power a new ASUS 8800 GT that I plan on overclocking a we bit. My question is which set of numbers on the side of my PSU represents the 6 pin connector in terms of how many amps it puts out.

Also If my psu shows 12v1 at 18 amps but I have two 12 volt rails Im assuming Ill need to hook up my 4 pin to 6 pin converter to both rails to effectivly acheive 36 amps? or does it even work that way?
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  1. By the look of the specs on the PSU... youll be fine with with just the 6pin connector as the GT will get also get power from mobo which will be through the other 12v rail. No issues dude :)
  2. Sorry I seemed to have lied about the PSU specs. I went home and got the specific model located here:

    System Specs:
    E6420 @ stock
    G945 mobo intel chipset.
    1 HDD
    1 DVD-CD/RW
    ASUS 8800GT. OC'd 650/1723/950x2
    Case: http://www.raidmax.com/specs/smilodon.htm

    I got about $100.00 I can spend on a new PSU if ultimatly I should replace that one. Any suggestions would be awsome.
  3. You only have 22amps, not 36.
    Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY 22amps
    Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLX 22amps
    I would suggest you get a new one sooner than later since the bare minimum the 8800GT requires is 22amps.
    Here's a good one, 33amps for $65 after rebate.
    Amps, not watts is what you need to be concerned about (watts are a factor too but without the amps the watts don't matter).
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