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help! no video

Last response: in Systems
November 15, 2007 12:18:06 AM

ok, i'm gonna try and give you all the info you need. i had a friend give me a really good (supposedly) motherboard (better than mine, that died), and i had a case, psu, and hdd's and all the other stuff, my motherboard/processor died, and i needed a new mb, so he gave it to me. i had to go to ebay to get RDram because the only place we found it was 256mb for $150. so i have 2 256mbs of RDram..
the info...
motherboard is.. a GA-8IHXP (Rev 2.1) website-
video card is... ATI radeon 9600xt, 128mb
processor was on board with heatsink and fan, that came with mb, that was working when it was taken out of the last case.

so the problem...

when i power on the case, everything starts, all the fans but one start running, and the hdd's start up, everything that i can tell works.... except, the video.. there is no video whatsoever when i start the pc. we tried 2 other video cards, and same problem. we tried moving the ram around to different slots, but when we do that, the P.O.S.T beeps 3 short beeps then pause, then 3 short beeps. ect. from what we know all the wires are plugged into the right spots, all the hdd's are plugged in, cdrom is plugged in, the one fan that doesn't start is right next to the processor, and on the manual it's a nb_fan. other than that everything else seems to be working fine.
anyone have any ideas? if you need more info, i will be glad to tell you anything.

also there is no onboard video spot.

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November 15, 2007 1:22:17 AM

Here are somethings to try
1- After you switch on wait for at least 5-10 minutes and see if the display comes
2- Use only one stick of 256MB RAm and ensure that it is placed in Channel 0. There should be a identifier on the MB indicating the same.
3. Disconnect all peripherical devices i.e. only your motherboard, video card, RAM and HDD should be connected.
4. try to use a power supply that is know to be working of the same or higher rating.

EDIT: Provide your powersupply details also.
November 15, 2007 1:41:25 AM

alrighty, 1 i'll try... 2... i did, it beeps the same, i'll look for the channel 0... and i will try the disconnects.. i'm at my mom's house and my bro is on his computer, so i have to wait till he's done....
power supply... mge450e

thank you for your reply, i will try all those, and if anyone has any other ideas please try to help
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November 15, 2007 2:50:36 AM

alrighty, i'll try all those things, then see how much another power supply will cost, that's kind of good, cause i don't have a lot of money to be spending on this. any recommondations on a cheap but good psu? i will be trying these thing when my bro gets off in about 20mins.
November 15, 2007 4:12:54 AM

k tried 1. nothing at all... tried 2 already, tried 3, still same prob. 4, that will be my last resort, tomorrow i'm going to go out and get me a cheap pci video card and see if it's the agp slot, or anything to do with the agp slot, if not, i'm gonna take it to a computer shop around the corner and see if he has any ideas on y it's not working.
any other reply's would be appreciated