Anyone have experience with Samsung SpinPoint F drives?

Does anyone have any experience with this drive? I just bought one from Tiger after looking at the review on Anandtech and reading the various charts here at Toms. The drive looks like a great deal, but I'm curious about these newer Samsung drives reliability. Thank you in advance for your help.

Samsung HD502IJ SpinPoint F 500GB Hard Drive - 7200, 32MB, SATA-300
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  1. I'm using a 750GB version with no issues for 5 months
  2. I just bought the 1tb version about a month ago. So far everything is running well, I'm a little disappointed in speed, maybe its because I'm coming from an old WD Raptor (74gb couldn't even hold all my programs anymore), but compared to my other machine it feels about the same. I also wasn't happy that I bought the drive oem and online they don't really have any software for transferring etc. But, it was one of the best reviewed/priced so I really have no major complaints.
  3. great, thank you! just to confirm, the key dif'c between the Raptor is the spindle speed of 10k vs 7200, right?
  4. I bought the Samsung spinpoint F 750 gig and had to swap out my motherboard after finding out it was incompatible with nvidia boards.
  5. I have been using 2 750s in raid 1 NAS for about 6 months and a spare 500 one in an eSATA case for over a year. Have had absolutely no problems with them.
  6. I have 4 of the same drives in a RAID 5. Working great so far. Nice and quiet.
  7. I have a spin point 320GB that just died after 6 months :-(
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