PowerDVD 10 + Bluray dialog audio issues

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Recently completed a build based on the ASRock Extreme4 board w/ integrated RealTek HD audio chipset. In addition, I've installed a LG BD for movies and storage. The drive was bundled with the Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 software which I am currently using to watch Snatch. Here is where I encounter a big issue in terms of audio playback: music and other audio plays fine, dialog audio is inaudible. After searching the web, I've found no specific results other than recommendations to check my connection and update to the latest PowerDVD software which are to no avail. I have a SPDIF line running to my AV receiver, which itself powers my two Polk bookshelf speakers (2.0 system). I have an HDMI cable running from my desktop to my TV. I've ruled out the receiver, my speakers, the cable itself, and my integrated mobo audio, which brings me to the issue of PowerDVD 10 and the audio tracks on the bluray disc itself.

I realize that some discs will run different types of audio, depending on the date released and numerous post-production decisions. For the version of Snatch that I am watching, the PowerDVD info pane gives me this:

Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Output: Compressed data

I've also tried watching a bluray copy of From Russia With Love, which had the same issue. After i switched my audio language to "English 2" from "English 1" in PowerDVD everything sounded just fine since the audio is now Dolby Digital 2.0. When trying this with Snatch, English 2 is merely commentary, so I can see not all DVD's will offer a regular Dolby Digital source for audio.

My question is this: is it merely an audio codec that I should be looking for? Or are there other tweaks I should be making so I can get correct audio playback for DTS-HD master audio on bluray DVDs?

Is there any other information I could provide or look for in troubleshooting this problem?
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  1. Just did a bit more reading. Is this issue as simple as SPDIF not being able to carry DTS-HD master audio since its not HDCP compliant technology? Can i downsource to TrueHD from DTS-HD to stream audio correctly without changing from optical audio?
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