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Multiple Desktops without primary

I have a PC that is primarily used with remote desktop for shared program use, without a screen. I now want to run a program full time on a extended desktop without influencing the remote desktop "primary screen".
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  1. Are you wanting to run this program locally on the computer that doesn't have a monitor, or are you wanting the access an extended desktop on the remote computer via RDP?
  2. The program is to be run locally showing on a monitor. I then need to be able to remotely log on and not see the program. I thought it would be possible to make the monitor my secondary screen for an extended desktop and then use my remote connection monitor as the primary. Problem is that a lot of people will use this pc remotely.
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    I have a setup I believe to be like the one you are describing, running a powerpoint prsentation 24/7. The powerpoint show runs on the secondary monitor and the local user works on the primary monitor. Another user remotes in to change the powerpoint presentation. Problems I encountered were:
    If the local user logged off, powerpoint stopped too
    If the screensaver kicks in, it blanks both monitors

    To set this up, you will need an actual second video card installed in the computer you are remoting too so that you can extend your desktop. You can not simply tell Windows that the only adapter in the computer is to be treated as the secondary monitor.
  4. Your welcome. Happy Computing!
  5. Thank you. I think I am going for the easier option and just remove remote logins from the computer, but thank you for the insight!
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