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Batch file needing to open multiple tabs

December 4, 2012 12:35:20 AM

Hi. I need to make a batch file for internet explorer that will open 6 tabs and create a window for those tabs. I can successfully open up internet explorer, and those pages, but I get 6 windows and not 6 tabs :fou:  . I have tried doing START /d iexplore.exe <website> , but that doesn't work. I also tried START iexplore.exe -new <website> but that doesn't work. I'm running IE9. I don't want to change the settings though because this batch file will be spread to 11-21 year olds. I want it to be very simple. I've got it to work with Google Chrome :wahoo:  , but that's probably because Google Chrome is meant to be simple and IE is, well a fail attempt (sorry for people I just offended). So- How can I go about doing this. I have the delay for the processes to start, but I just need them to open in tabs.