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Hi everyone,
I've spent the last week or so doing research on these chips (q6600 and e8400) and I need to some help here. Here are some facts about what I'm looking to do:

a) I want this computer for gaming 95% of the time.
b) I don't use rendering/encode music or videos.
c) I am willing to overclock either chip (with G0 stepping of course) but want the system 100% stable (ie. temps under 70 with load for quads) as I leave my computer on 24/7.
d) I'm not concerned about power consumption, temps are a concern though (for stability)

So my question is a) What are the max stable (24/7) overclock (using air) on these two chips (I've seen about 4.0 for the e8400 dual, 3.2 for the q6600 quad -but not totally sure) and what cooler did you guys use? b) Given that I don't use many multithreaded apps, and there are only maybe 2-3 games that I've heard use the quad cores, is it better to still stick with Dual (since clock to clock they are quicker), or is it better to futureproof a bit and settle for a lower clock speed?

I think the max OC will help determine which chip I will buy, the e8400 is about $230, while the q6600 is $260, so there is no real price diff. I just don't want to regret my decision 2 weeks from now.... Hitting 4.0 Ghz would be sweet especially since I think it will be another 2+ years before quads become mainstream for gaming which at that time I could buy a new cpu/gpu. I know there is a quite the debate, but please keep in mind MY needs, but I want some other opinions. :) Thanks a lot!
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  1. A g0 you could get 3.6 on air, unless you are very unlucky and get a flamer! But not if you get a 680i, hehe! They suck most of the time for OCing.

    Then again, if you dont have anything that really uses a quad, then a faster clocked 2 core may be better. Thats really your choice, but if I were making it, quad all day!

  2. Will it be 24/7 stable at 3.6 ? What voltage are you using? I have a feeling that a 1.2 Ghz OC can't be good for the cpu in the long term.... What are your temps? This is very key as I need a stable system as well, not just one to maximize my OC....
  3. At 3.6 I needed 1.40 in windows, and not droop below 1.38ish. The temps were not bad at all. I am not sure about the life expectancy , but alot of people use the 400 fsb, 9x multi and mem at 800 mhz. Its one of the more common OCs. I am personally runnin' mine at 1.5 volt and at 3.8 ghz.

    Get upper 60's and low 70's when I test for long periods of time, then it settles nice and cool at 64c. I think I am gonna order another TRUE and a few more fans! I am surprised at how cold the True stays.

  4. Hey,
    Again with the TRUE acronym. Are you talking about the Thermal RIght Ultra Extreme? man , i haven't been able to figure that out for ages.

    I've read for the q6600 under load you should always under 70 to prevent damage to the chip.

    Also, if you're not using TRUE right now, what are you using? Or are you talking about using 2 trues (somehow?)...
  5. It depends on what your VID number is on your Q6600. I happen to have a high VID number 1.325 but I was able to get 3.6 with aftermarket heat sink and after market fan. Also depends on your motherboard. I am using P5K-E board which is known for clocking well.
  6. My temps haven't gotten above 63 and I have my Vcore set to 1.525.. Still comes up in Vista below 1.5. Run Prime for 12 hrs and been using the computer 24/7 for a few weeks now w/o issue.
  7. That's pretty sweet man, I'm definately thinking of using the TRUE with 1 120mm fan.

    I know Vcore is the voltage for the cpu, but what is VID?
  8. LUP,

    So you're getting 3.6 using ddr 2-800 ram 1:1 at 400 Mhz, that's awesome man....

    It just seems hard to believe, you've tested wthis with prime and other softwares???
  9. He's getting 3.8GHz on a frekin x8 multiplier, not the x9.

    Unbelievable? Nope, it's rather common to hit 9x400MHz. Most people don't need it though.
  10. That's nuts man...Hard to believe...what board are you guys using?

    Evil/Lup send me some specs here so I can build this system. Do I need a high end board or will a 750 i do it (thinking MSI)
  11. 3.8/8=475..that's ddr 925... I doubt any ddr 2 800 ram can hit that speed, that would mean upping to a 1066 pair.... I think I could live with 3.6 :)
  12. Uh, I read his mind. :)

    Rather, I had a long AIM chat with him while he attempted to OC.

    Currently, the best P35 mobo is the ASUS P5k-e, which could hit above 475fsb and is very easy to use.
  13. Yeah, I had the 3.8 with ZERO problems other than a BSOD at one test, though using it 24 hours a day for a few days with zero errors.

    As of last eve I took it out and tried the g0 in my asus maximus formula, and I cant get it to post at 475 FSB!!! Waaaahhhhhh!!! 450, yes, but who wants their ram runnin' at 900 only?? I want mt 950 in sync back!!

    Oh, the p5k-e EASILY posted at 500 FSB... Though the proc speed and heat I didnt wanna deal with, its like 4.0... 3.8 is pushing it!

    As a matter of fact, if things dont pan out tonight, its gonna go back in the p5k-e and I will make a final build at 3.8. Modded my processor all in one water cooled case to now cool one of my Ultras, and thats gonna go in there as well.

    In the tests I read the p5k-e's mem controller hangs in too at the higher speeds. The FSB didnt appear to have "straps" that lowered the performance. The VDroop is minimal... it all works!

    The Maximus! I must admit that Load Line Calabration actually works on the formula! The droop was +0.015 or so. Thats right, it stepped up a tiny bit to carry the load! Thats awesome! Now in testing the SE version reaches 497 FSB, so they said. Maybe the normal version cant reach the same speed?

    I will tell ya one thing, the P5k-e Loves my G0, and hates my B3 quad. The b3 at 400 FSB x 8 multi for 3.2 restarts randomly. No BSOD or anything, just re starts, lol.

  14. Lupi:

    Haha man, you just went right over my head. Although I've read up on OCing for years, I've never actually thought it was worth the risk until now.

    What I need to know is:
    A) Which board - sounds like p5k-e (no sli though :( ) is the one to use
    b) I'm using the TRUE - if I can hit 3.6 I'm happy (not spending $300 on WC)
    c) Ram to use
    d) Power supply
    e) Vid card = 8800GT

    Do you think I can also hit 3.6 easily? Or is it cpu dependent?

    If it's more realistic to have 24/7 stability at 3.2, then I might get the e8400 since it easily posts at 4.0 and I am only using this system for gaming (no encoding).
  15. a) I want this computer for gaming 95% of the time. - e8400 games don't support 4 cores yet and it clocks higher

    b) I don't use rendering/encode music or videos. - e8400

    c) I am willing to overclock either chip (with G0 stepping of course) but want the system 100% stable (ie. temps under 70 with load for quads) as I leave my computer on 24/7. - why would you leave it running 24/7 if it's not a server, silicon chips litteraly "die" from voltage x time. If it isn't functioning as a server, turn it off.

    d) I'm not concerned about power consumption, temps are a concern though (for stability) - e8400 with any decent cooler temps won't be an issue even on air, but voltage will. see above.

    Best air CPU coolers - http://www.frostytech.com/top5heatsinks.cfm#INTELHEATSINK
  16. Perp:

    I just leave my computer running 24/7. It's not under load for 24/7... I use it after work for gaming. My old p4 2.8 is running fine 24/7
  17. As for heatsink, I'm going to buy the TRUE based on the reviews it has.
  18. First off, make sure you know how to at least identify a boxed version G0, as opposed to a b3! Thats a big start there. Then we do HOPE for some luck as to the VID you get, but with a TRUE, you SHOULD have zero problems reaching 3.6 stable and cool.

    I have a upper mid VID go and 3.6 is easy, with less than 1.4 volts. And the P5k-e is a mid priced board, get the wi fi version for 10 bucks more!
    And you are right, I have all NVidia cards too, no sli! Waaaahhh!

    But its fast. And works!

  19. stop spamming with your 3.6G everywhere!only i cant get there><
  20. lol:P
  21. 3.8!
  22. Lupi:
    Yeah I know you have to pick the one that says "SLACKR" or something like that.

    VID? Is that the stock voltage the MB recognizes the chip at? Can you plz post your specs (in detail with voltages)?

    WIfi board? I don't need that b/c for gaming I use a wired connection (I play online). Too bad, it sounds like people are not into SLI, i thought it would be in high demand eh?

    Gill? What are you talking about? Are you a bit drunk ? haha.
  23. no mate.im not drunk!even i do drink!lol
    it just lupi jus keep going on about his highly clocked 3.8G Q6600 with VID i think its 1.275V(my 1 is 1.3V<=$hit)

    SLI?erm not so sure about that especially you run under Vista.but average should work ok.But the best option is to get a P35\X38 chipset than get a 9800GX2 if you want high overclock and SLI at the same time and of course you got money to burn.
  24. LOL, crazy. Its 1.2625. Yeah, does matter! And yes, make sure the box is the right type for a g0.

    The VID is the stock vcore, yes. Its because that particular quad passed intels testing at that voltage. I guess it just has to do with the fact that when you pack 500 million lil things in a little square, they do random things, and sometimes its beneficial. They will all operate just fine for years at 2.4 no matter the VCore. but you dont want a high one if you wanna OC.

    Think of it this way, my G0 is a 1.2625, his is a .1300. I have like 12 more bios notches of vcore to work with before I reach where his starts. Just like a 1.200 G0 would have 20 notches more than mine!

    So the lower the better. It runs at 2.4 @ 1.200, vs 1.300. That means at around that same 1.300, it would be at 3.4.

    That processor with the low VID would start out way ahead at your voltage. Ya get it?

    I get 3.6 at 1.38 under full load. Thats wonderful, and nice and cool. I had to pay to reach 3.8, its somewhat hot, and 1.50 vcore to hit 1.48 under load. Its cut off point seems to be 3.6ish for speed versus heat/power. BUT I'll wager a 1.2000 one could reach 4.0. And be at or cooler than mine at 3.8.

  25. lupi you are online once again!!!

    here you go again about your 3.8G lol

    i cant reach 450x7 by the way
  26. Lupi:

    Cool thanks for the explanation (although I don't follow ur math for notches...lol). Is there anyway to find out the vid before I buy it? Can I ask the store to fire it up? lol ..doubtful i know... :)

    So what MB should I use? The one TH recommends MSI p35 with the heatpipe?
  27. i use the msi p35 platinum.and i think thats the one you are talking about.well im stressing it now.if you can wait couple days after i done the stability test i will let you know.i dont think you can find the vid before buy.maybe on the label outside the package?just maybe
  28. Hey Gill,
    Do all your testing and post back here or PM me. Are you OCing the q6600?

    I'm not ordering the computer for another week. I've decided on the Antec 900 case, $90 on sale right now and looks amazing.
  29. yeah im OCing the Q6600 G0.but something is very weird try to find out why.also if you do use Nibitor and NVFlash to flash vga bios than go for something else.because this motherboard doesnt boot up MSDOS for some reason it will just say missing operating system!i have tried USB bootable or the original floppy drive.both no luck!
  30. Can't you use the windows flashing tool (i think all MBs should have such a tool)?
  31. there isnt a tool which allow you flash graphics card bios in windows.only can be done in pure DOS.

    now im stressing 430x7=3G 1.335V FSB+NB=1.45V. CPU full load at 68C, 71C for cores.with a lapped Artic Colling Freezer 7 Pro

    i havent test the mem yet.so cant really declare everything running smoothly.
  32. oh forgot to mention its been 2 hours 50min small FFTs no error.so hopefully run it for 12 hours with no errors
  33. gill, just post when you're done and lets see what you got.

    Plz post your full specs as well :)
  34. Kewl, 430 will allow you to get some juice from your memory! To bad they didnt have a 7.5 multi! I would be in heaven! 500 FSB x7.5 = 3.75 but 1ghz memory sync! Woo Hoo!!

    Guess I settle for 951 as of now.

  35. Whether your looking for the E8400 or the Q6600 you will find great prices at www.microcenter.com
    Both processors are priced at $199
  36. It's amazing how cheap the Q6600 are today. And guess what, next year we're going to see even better tech for the money, assuming inflation doesn't send us off into economic depression.
  37. Kip, it sounds like you work for that company.... Hmm....
  38. i doubt uk is gonna be benefit from any of these...:(
  39. dig,

    I new someone would make that comment. I thought I would help a guy out to find a better deal. I wish I did have a stake in Micro Center but I don't. I am just a customer that finds good deals there.

  40. Hey Kip,
    It's the way you said it that made me believe that. Either way I live in Canada and I want to buy from a real store that I can go to if something goes wrong. But hey, that is a great price for that chip. :)

  41. dignatec said:

    I just leave my computer running 24/7. It's not under load for 24/7... I use it after work for gaming. My old p4 2.8 is running fine 24/7

    You do realize that even at idle you are running current to the cpu. Personally I'd rather kill it by running it at the bleeding edge than letting it slowly die because I don't want to power it up when I sit down.

    I just find it a bit odd that you would leave it running for no reason; not very green.
  42. Perp:
    No computer will die if you leave it on 24/7, yes it's in idle mode and I'm fully aware of this.

    I am a man on the go, in the morning, I have about 5 mins to read the news and check the weather online b4 I head out, therefore I leave it on. You might want to *ASK* my reason before assuming I have none.

    As for being green: I don't own a car, I take the train to work, and I have energy efficient appliances. So please don't get righteous on me because of 1 computer left running. What do you do that is so green?

    Go visit Suzuki's website man and post there if you are so concerned.
    Why do environmentalists think they're so great? This is part of the reason people don't care about the env. as much as they should.
  43. dignatec said:
    No computer will die if you leave it on 24/7

  44. erm in theory no(server).but just shorten its working life.even if you dont have it on 24/7 some parts is gonna fail 1 day.not much of a different since our enthusiast is gonna replace parts many time in a year.so i dont see a reason why
  45. Yes,
    In my family we have 4 computers running 24/7 for the last FIVE years and not ONE of them have ever died out. This is of course at stock speeds. Various computers from AMD to two p4s.

    Windows has options for power management, turns the hd off and other components which is part of the reason. Mind you if you're OCing your computer to very high levels without proper cooling that statement won't apply...

    Gill: exactly, by the time the computer will "die" as some ppl think, you will be more than ready for an upgrade. The only thing I would be concerned with is the HD, so make sure you check off that option that turns off the HD after inactivity. The rest will be fine.
  46. I was being rather sarcastic. No system will last forever, contrary to your statement.

    As long as you're within the specs of Intel or AMD, you should expect 3years, usually more. My friend had his cpu last only 4 years (no OC), his ram lasted 3years, his HD lasted 3years and his vidcard lasted 3years. He used his pc around 8hours a day, and he did not leave it on 24/7. All parts were stock speed, temps were within safe ranges.
  47. yeah i get what you try to say.windows power management is effective i would say.but windows also makes itself not so effective.because sometime windows use hard drive as swap space.so the hard drive turns on from time to time.

    i guess of you could overclock a hdd than it will be the first hardware to die out i think.:P
  48. LOL.. Evil, I did not mean forever until the end of the millenium, I simply meant it won't die anytime soon :) I think you took me a bit too literally...

    As for your friend, I don't know what he did, but I have 4 computers running 24/7 without hitches, so in my experience I've never had your problem, your friend must have some bad luck or bought poor components.

    Gill: Yeah the swap thing is annoying, but only happens if you have insufficient ram for your system. I used to have this problem until I upgraded my p4 to 2gigs, now my system never touches my hd as a swap file.

    haha, no OCing the hard drive. Personally I did a lot of research on my current HD, the Maxtor Maxline III, it's an enterprise (read: server) edition hard drive designed to run 24/7 with a median time to failure of 1 MILLION hours. I think that's enough time for me before I buy a new computer. I'm annoyed that Seagate bought Maxtor, or I would buy another one again, love this hd!

    It's all about components which is why I'm happy to have ppl helping with my new build. :)
  49. i guess the swap file is pointless these days when memory bandwidth are so large when programs and windows can access it at the same time.so no real performance hit on the system.
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